DONT Talk About Other Women

We have all done this. You are out with a woman, and the conversation turns to your prior relationships. You should be careful to avoid in depth conversations about other women for a couple of reasons. First, by discussing your past relationships, and perhaps analyzing them, you put this new woman in the category of therapist - a.k.a. friend. She won't feel any sexual chemistry for you if you are telling her what went wrong with your ex-girlfriend. She may see your need to talk as an indication of emotional baggage. You DO NOT want a woman to assume you have baggage.

Second, you don't want to discuss other women you're your date because this may make her feel uncomfortable. If you are talking about ex-girlfriends then it means you are still thinking about them. A woman wants to feel that you are thinking about her, especially while on a date. She wants to know that you like her, and you want to spend time learning about her. So ask her questions about Her! Get to know her. Don't ask about her past, and she will be less likely to ask about yours.

Third, you do not want to be discussing other women with your new date if you are seeing more than one woman. This can be a touchy subject for some women, so it is best left alone. If it comes up in conversation, simply brush it off as casual dating. Try to avoid that discussion in the early dating stages with a new woman. You want to increase your chances of getting this woman into bed, not lose out because of your big mouth.

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