Get In Shape

You don't have to be buff, ripped, or a body builder just to get the girl. But you should make an effort to keep your body fit. Not only for your health, or for how you look to women you first meet, but also for your sexual performance in bed. Even if you just do cardio a few times a week, you'll not only trim the waist line but you'll also be able to satisfy your woman long into the night - without having to take a break halfway through! Exercise will not only make you look good, it will make you feel great!

Besides, most women aren't attracted to a man who is overweight and lazy because that is a direct indication of how he is as a lover. You want a woman to see you as a man she could be with physically. Even if somebody carries himself well and with good posture, it's an indication of a good lover - in both men and women.

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