Being Focused on your Goals is Attractive

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Leaders need a direction to pursue. All the great men in history have had massive beliefs that motivated amazing feats. Think of the passion behind Mel Gibson characters, Virgin Records and Airline billionaire Richard Branson, and Hugh Hefner.

Knowing what you want and actually making an effort to get it is very strong and sexy to women.

Making genuine effort towards your goals demonstrate that you're a cause and a power in life, which is unlike submissive wussboys. Trying not to move forward or just following others reeks of unattractiveness.

You don't have to accomplish anything "huge" or "great," but find something to pursue about which you do care. The key to genuine motivation is to find what's meaningful to you regardless of others, whether it's your devoting time to your career, enjoying the great outdoors, dancing, art, or volunteering.

Don't worry about other people's judgment. When you get somewhere with something you care about, you'll have the last laugh.

Having a goal and being focused on achieving it will make you FAR more attractive to women.

Find your path, get on it, and stay on it.

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