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There are two distinct levels of communication in human body language: the "innate" and the "learned". The innate includes things like dilated pupils, licking lips, flushing cheeks, smiles, raising eyebrows, etc., while the learned includes vocabulary, dining styles, fashion, etc.

Pupil dilation is a fascinating example of innate body language. The more dilated your pupils are, the more light they allow into your eyes. If you're staring close to something, you'll see it much better.

In one article that I read, Russian psychologists found that the higher the interest level of a person had in something or someone, the more dilated their pupils became.

While these findings may not come as much of a surprise, the unexpected results came in their studies of how people reacted to the pupil dilation in others. The researchers consistently found that those with dilated pupils were more interested and more interesting than were those with contracted pupils. Not only do we subconsciously recognize someone's dilated pupils indicating interest in us, but also we ourselves become more interested in them too!

That's a powerful reaction for something we may never have considered, but innate body language is deeply rooted in the subconscious mind. We humans express ourselves through it without intending to do so and without ever even realizing that we have expressed it. This makes this form of communication very difficult to control.

This language also makes it the most powerful and convincing level of communication because others know, at least subconsciously, that it's the most honest sign of how you really feel.

A "master" communicator who understands these concepts at all levels, who both understands and controls this innate level of body language, is unbelievably attractive to women.

His beliefs, including his self-confidence, are expressed powerfully through this unspoken language.

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