Am no longer an excuser

I don't make excuses for myself. I can approach anyone I want to. I deserve a good girlfriend.

I can socialize with people regardless of my surroundings. I am not bound by society programming and society bullshit. I live my life free of these false constraints.

Put an end to the bad and limiting beliefs. From this day forth, things will be different simply because you believe differently.

If you need to read this chapter again to recondition yourself with your new beliefs and words of encouragement, then please do so.

You are making a pledge to improve yourself, your beliefs, your attributes, and your actions.

It will take some work and a little time to do this but you will do it.

How will you sit, stand and walk from now on? With what sort of tonality do you speak? Does your voice tone exude confidence and passion? (Again, do the tape recorder exercises!)

Look at some of the most memorable people in recent history who have inspired us: Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Ghandi, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King JR, and even entertainers such as John Lennon.

Each of these individuals has one thing in common. They rose up against the status quo of what was acceptable social/political behavior [abolition of slavery, quest for peace, individual rights, etc.]. We admire them for it.

(They all were also assassinated under most suspicious circumstances. Thus, if you decide to challenge status quo and inspire a 100 million people to follow suit, you may want to watch your back.)

So go out and master some of these attributes I constantly emphasize in this book.

1. Change your belief system.

2. Practice mastering the attributes discussed in the Attributes chapter.

For the time being, what are your current beliefs regarding approaching strangers? Unless you are a sales rep or some sort of a recruiter, you may have some negative beliefs towards approaching women.

Let's take a look at meeting women in different environments:

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