In your future interactions keep this in the back of your mind Am I doing this to impress her or am I doing so in sincerity because I genuinely care

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(Note: Don't rationalize to fool your own mind that you genuinely care so much for someone you've just met a week ago.)

As I mentioned before, this advice about "impressing women" is written as if the woman you are approaching is a queen sitting her throne. You walk up the long steps bearing gift baskets, fruits, and maybe a couple of mules too, in order to gain her acceptance.

I am changing all of that. I want you to close your eyes after reading the following paragraph and imagining it.

You are now the king sitting in your king's chair on top of the hill. As you peer down over grassy meadows, you see millions of women frolicking around and now it is your decision to choose which one is right for you. There are so many and you don't have time to even date them all. Some are physically, mentally, and emotionally appealing, and many are not. You are the king. You look around and decide who is worthy of what you have to offer.

Often times during our seminars, I show an analogy using my hands. I'll try to duplicate that on paper here:

Hold your hands up in the air. Now, put your right up much higher than your left. The majority of dating advice is written as if you are the left hand looking up at the right, trying to somehow gain approval from someone who is above you.

This is what we advocate: Lower your right hand, and put the left one much higher! This is you (the left hand) looking down at deciding who is suitable for you. This is not an indulgence, some form of self-narcissism, or an exercise in pomposity. It is to simply instill in you the frame that you are the prize and that you are worth something. Your body language, tonality and comfortable demeanor will exude that. This is what I have set out to do with "The Attributes."

As my friend Cyrus emphatically once expressed to me, "A moron with confidence could be good at picking up women."

I will share the utmost prolific characteristic of a man who is successful with women: Certainty!

I know it sounds obvious and that's probably because, it is! Nevertheless, it took me a couple of years to identify and pinpoint this ingredient. I finally made the distinction and I am hoping to save you the time and energy of searching for it. Certainty is a quality that is very rare. Certainty in the way you speak and you behave, certainty in the manner you move through life, certainty in your positive beliefs.

My friend, Steve P, is one such guy. He is an expert hypnotist and NLP man as well as a supremely spiritual person. Just watching him speak to someone is worth the lesson. He speaks with such certainty that you find yourself drawn to what he says. If he were a salesman, he could sell sand to a nomadic desert dweller. It would not do Steve justice to describe him in words. He has to be experienced.

If you are seeking dating advice, I can almost guarantee that you do not speak or behave with any degree of certainty in your life. (This is actually not a tough guess as it probably pertains to most people on the planet, but it's a common observation amongst men seeking dating advice.)

Lastly, I will leave you with this thought: Often our workshop attendees report that their lives are changed because people treat them differently now. You are welcome to read the testimonials on our website.

I mention this because I hope that you will share the same experience. If you follow the guidelines in this book, you shall find that you not only have more success with women, but that people in general will treat you with more respect. This includes your coworkers, your boss, your neighbors, and even random strangers whom you will encounter along the way.

I hope that this is your experience and I hope that you will find the time to send me a quick email expressing your newfound freedom to take action and attract women.

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