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One of the best posts I've ever read for seducing a chick. The entire seduction process is broken into a step-by-step framework to allow you to acquire your target!

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All right, this is one long mother, but I've wanted to write it for quite some time. This is not a step-by-step guide; it's more like a framework for getting women to sleep with you. On with the show.

Now what the hell is that, you ask? It's the chart of how to get a woman in bed. I'll explain in detail. Let's start at the top. Meeting

You find the woman, or stumble upon her somewhere. You approach her using the 3-second rule. What do you say? That's where this next step comes in:

Break "Strangers" state

It doesn't matter what you say, what you do. What matters is that it breaks her insular state of mind and opens her up to being intimate with you, in every sense of the word. You need to make her feel as quickly as possible that she is not with a stranger. By stranger I mean a man she has absolutely no emotions towards you. Eliciting almost any emotion is better than eliciting no emotion at all. There are several ways to do that:

1) Smile

2) Demonstrate boldness (often, the bolder the approach, the more at ease is the target)

3) Good eye contact

4) Show obvious ease and confidence

5) Confident posture and body language

6) Comment on something she's doing

7) Say something startling and unexpected

8) Use humour

Don't act creepy (Fear is an emotion that has to be very carefully used, being so dangerous. You have to mix it with strength, but creepiness produces fear without that sense of strength.)

The real trick to it is this: Don't try to force your way into her world. Instead, Bring her into your world. Ask her to give you her opinion on something, or, and this is the best, ask her for her help with something she's obviously into. For example, if you see a woman with a well-groomed dog, ask her to give you some advice for housebreaking your (perhaps nonexistent) puppy. If you see a woman with a nice cell phone, ask her to help you make a cell phone buying decision. Why does this work? Because it takes the pressure off you and puts it on her instead, and she now has to please you and hold your attention in order to feel good about herself, while you don't have to do anything except...

(Part 2) Latch on to some emotional part of what she's saying and use it to veer the conversation off into personal grounds. For example:

She says, "Yeah, this is a great model. I love it," and you ask her, "Why do you love it?" (Make sure to sound genuinely curious), to which she says, "It's so small and convenient," and then you can say, "Yeah, I remember I had a really small one a few years back, one of the first models... My girlfriend bought it for me. I remember, the first time I tried it was out in the rain... blablabla... Do you like the rain?".

"Not really,"she says. "That's too bad,"you say, "Cause I love it a LOT."When you get a girl talking about something she is genuinely interested in and has deep feelings for, you are no longer strangers. You just have to latch on to those deep feelings and start spinning games off of them. It's criminally easy.

Side note for those who have difficulties holding up a conversation

Here are some tips:

1) As much as possible, don't take it seriously. There's a time for being serious in a conversation, and you'll be able to feel it if it comes along.

2) Role-play, both internally and externally. Pretend to be James Bond, or a suave Latin seducer. Chicks eat it up when you do it in a humorous way.

3) Talk to everybody as much as possible for practice. Just talk, talk, talk. Be an annoying loudmouthed prick, until the problem goes away.

4) Loaded pauses kick a*s. They convey a depth of meaning that instantly connects two people.

5) Be playful. Vary your voice tone, provoke her, and arouse her emotions. When you're playful you keep your options open. You can go off on any tangent, talk about anything. Being playful also keeps you in that right, tight, creative mood.

Remember, don't lose your edge. You are no longer a stranger, but don't act like a friend. Act like a cool guy who likes talking to people and may be interested in going out with the girl if she proves herself worthy.

Give off a vibe of sexuality, sublimated into sensuality, voice tone, eye contact, innuendo, posture...etc. Don't mask your sexuality. Appear to simply be a guy for whom sexuality is natural, the kind of guy who will flirt even if he's not necessarily interested. Completely disagree with her on a few topics to make her interested and to make her unsure as to whether you're trying to pick her up or not. If it's going well, it's also time for some mild neghitting. Example: "You don't like the rain? Yeah, my kid sister hates the rain too. She's afraid of thunderstorms. You too?" And you just go from there, because in case you haven't noticed, by now you're having an intimate conversation, and she probably doesn't even remember how it started. Which is the point. To make sure of keeping her off target, use a lot of humour. Nothing breaks state and increases rapport like humour. Topical humour is best. Cocky / funny, as everyone knows by now, kicks *rse.

Now that took a lot of writing, but this conversation shouldn't take more than five or ten minutes. Keep it short. One more point: Somewhere early on in that conversation, find out her name and use it a lot.

Good. Now that you're comfortable with each other, you can get her number. Nothing fancy. Just say, "Look, Mary, I've got to go. Give me your number if you want to get together sometime." There are more effective and more complex methods out there, but this one's the basic and if the interest's there it'll work. Try to be the one to break off the conversation and, like George Costanza, try to leave on a high note.

Now, I've used examples from a mall-type pickup, but the same principle works in cafes, on the street, in bars and clubs, (it's even quicker there), and everywhere. Just adapt the core ideas to the situation. What are the core ideas?

1) Thirty seconds after you start talking to the girl, you should already no longer be a stranger to her.

2) Go quickly and smoothly from the general to the personal and look genuinely curious.

3) Throw in some behaviour that makes her wonder whether or not you're trying to pick up on her, and make her wonder "if not, then why not?"

Once you are no longer strangers, you do whatever... you call her up; you go on a coffee date to get to know each other better. Here's how to get her into the sack, and this is the most important idea in the post.

What is the big idea?

To get a woman into the sack, create in her strong emotions towards you of any sort you want, and simultaneously create physical arousal and the desire for sex in her. Emotional arousal and physical arousal are separate but very strongly interconnected. A woman who feels strong emotions for you will be more turned on by you, and a woman who lusts after you will feel stronger emotions for you. Either one without the other is better then nothing, but together they are gold. To exploit this combination of ingredients, create an opportunity for sex and make the move, if she hasn't already. Simple. Just like in the chart.

Figure out whether you are better at stimulating a woman's mind or her p*ssy (sexual feelings), and let that self-awareness drive you towards the kind of experience that will best compliment your personality and needs.

Create strong emotions

It will be much easier to turn a woman on and get her to sleep with you if she feels strong emotions towards you. The quality of the emotion matters much less than the intensity.

Ways to create strong emotions, and the emotions produced

I assume you're familiar with all the terms

SOCIAL PROOF: Jealousy and Admiration

STORIES/PATTERNS: Comfort, Passion and Admiration NEG-"HITS": Hate, Admiration, and Wonder SPARE COMPLIMENTS: Liking, Curiosity, and Longing COCKY/FUNNY: Mirth, Challenge, and Curiosity MYSTERY/AMBIGUITY: Challenge and Curiosity SCARCITY: Longing and Possessiveness TEASING: Anger, Exhilaration, and Longing

INDIFFERENCE (COLDNESS): Anger, Hate, Wonder, Confusion, Submissiveness, and Longing BEING AN ASSH*LE: Anger, Challenge, Fear, Jealousy for his Freedom Compare this, for example, to being an average frustrated chump:

BEING AN AFC: Produces no emotions at all! Maybe some mild Liking, maybe some Pity... and that's it! (Though don't discount pity, even that emotion can get you laid if you use it right)

Fact: Women have more sex with guys they are afraid of than with guys who are afraid of them.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but you can see here how commonly discussed seduction techniques produce different powerful emotions in women. Now, three things:

1) The only value of a DJ technique lies in the emotional impact it produces on a woman and therefore, in the length of time that it causes her to think about you and obsess over you.

2) By using many techniques in rapid alternation, it is possible to take a woman on an emotional roller-coaster ride that will leave her dazed, exhausted, and obsessing over you. This is called, "mindf*cking". The parallels to real sex are obvious.

3) It is only possible to be truly effective when the intensity of your feelings for the woman is lower than the intensity of her feelings for you. Never work less than two women at any one time.

The interface between emotions and lust

The reason that the quality of emotions matters less than the intensity is this:

In proximity to lust and physical desire, the other emotions become malleable. Think of lust as a catalyst, you Chemistry majors and high school grads with good memories.

For example:

Confusion + Lust ^ Wildcard + Lust

Of course all this works both ways. And at the same time, all the other strong emotions are also bumping into each other and causing chemical reactions (literally, if emotions are the effects of chemicals) of an enormous complexity. Anger + Desire + Confusion + Jealousy... etc, etc.

The details of the emotions don't matter. What matters is that there are many of them and they are swirling around fast, stirred up by mind games, brought to boil by that basic attractiveness you have as a male of the species in the eyes of any female of the species. On to, how to...

Create physical arousal

Emotions without arousal won't get you laid often. However, strong emotions really help arousal along.

Arousal without emotions can get you laid quite often (by prostitutes and horny or sexually open women), but that won't do much good for your ego. In almost any non-professional kind of sex relationship, if both of you stick around, arousal will eventually lead to feelings on the part of the girl (sometimes good) and on your part as well (usually bad). That is,

Once a girl is physically aroused by you and willing to have sex with you (or if she already has), she will justify having all kinds of feelings for you.

Generally, You can work on a girl's emotions and let that make her hot for you, or you can work at turning a girl on and let her justify it by torturing herself with emotional mind games you never even played on her, but it's best to do both simultaneously for maximum effect.

How to create physical arousal? This is fairly obvious:

1) Sexual talk, especially about kissing and orgasms

2) Innuendo

3) Kino, kino, kino, increasing in intensity, including tickling, massage, smelling her hair, and all that good stuff

4) Frank talk about nakedness / penises / penis length, fratboy stuff like that (it works)

5) Erotic stories or movies (got to be careful with this one)

6) Hinting at the good time you're having with another woman

7) Deep eye contact and deep resonant voice tone

8) Good looks (looking the best that you possibly can)

9) Earthy smells and good colognes

10) Looking at her appreciatively, just a tad bit possessively. Letting your eyes slide down to her mouth every now and then.

11) Doing things just a bit too slowly

Any sort of sensuality, revelling in the sensual pleasures of the world, savouring your food, your time, even the air you breathe in Compare this, for example, to being an average frustrated chump:

BEING AN AFC: Produces no arousal at all! The AFC hides his sexuality away! There is nothing there for the girl to be aroused by! Once the girl has strong feelings about you and is physically aroused by you, on to the next step... a simple one... Create an opportunity

This is the simplest step of all. The idea isn't to force sex or to be impatient, it's to get a girl so into you that she would rape you the minute you were alone in a dark alley together. Once a girl digs you, you simply make a little four-step hop:

1) Intimate Kino ^ Kiss

2) Kiss ^ Make out Session

3) Make out Session ^ Express a desire for privacy

4) Privacy ^ Sex

Everybody knows those steps, nothing original there! But I might as well finish structuring it. The thing is, once a girl is truly into you, the ball is in your court. You can go from kissing to sex in twenty minutes or you can make her wait for weeks, if you're a true sadist. When the ball is in your court, you do whatever you want to do with it.

Also, I will drop this nugget of advice for in case you ever encounter resistance on the road to sex:

If you want to make an advance in physical intimacy and make it irresistible, just do whatever you are currently doing, then pull back a little and tease her until she can't take it anymore, then when you go in again, switch to doing whatever you actually want to do. The girl will be immensely grateful, and you get what you want.

Example: You're making out with a girl in private and you want to get naked. Kiss her passionately... then tenderly... passionately... tenderly. Smell her hair. Bite her neck. Run your fingers through her hair while biting her neck Yes!

No! Suddenly pull back a little. Keep one finger, for example, slowly running along the edge of her ear. Run your lips ever so softly across her skin, occasionally flicking your tongue out. Bite her lower lip softly but do not kiss her. Keep teasing her. If she tries to push you down into her (and after a bit of this, she will), hold her hands down and keep teasing her. Then go in under the panties. She will f*ckin' explode.

That was a long example, but you get the picture.

On the other hand, always remember to mix it up. Keep playing with those emotions and thoughts of hers. Another teasing approach that will often work equally well is to suddenly stop kissing her, sit back, look her over for about the length of time it would take you to pull a cigarette out of a pack and light it, and then simply say, "Take your shirt off."

And that's sex for 'ya. If you want details, read Sir_Chancealot's post. That thing is awesome. Don't forget about f*cking with a girl's emotions during sex that, along with different physical approaches, creates the variety and unpredictability Chance wrote about. The basic enjoyment of sex is of course rooted in physiology, but the enjoyment of sex to the next level is rooted in psychology. And these days, no sophisticated woman is going to accept "wham bam thank you mam". And neither would I, for that matter. Barring every once in a while, it's boring as all hell.

Last rule: Never even consider what kind of relationship you want to have with a woman until after you've had sex Nearing the end now... To recap,

1) Meet her.

2) Get her into your world - Get her to do something for you

3) Create fast intimacy by steering conversation ...and you need to do this for the sole purpose of...

4) Use DJ techniques to create strong emotions toward you inside her mind.

5) Use DJ techniques and some common sense to get her turned on.

6) Create an opportunity for sex.

7) Have sex with her.

8) Build a relationship if you want one.

There are many other things that could be said, but there you have it, the framework of seducing a girl.


If nothing else, just take the following away from the post:

Whenever you interact with a prospect, ask yourself now and again, maybe while taking a bathroom break, or smoking, or maybe on the fly, ask yourself

1) "Is what I'm doing making her feel strong emotions like admiration, wonder, or anger towards me?" And if not, figure out what you can do to get her feeling those emotions.

2) "Is what I'm doing turning her on physically on some level? Am I being sexual enough towards her?" And if not, figure out what you can do to turn her on.

3) "Is she ready to take this to the next level?" And if she is, then go make that move.

Article .2. .-. ER.EAKA!. I've .thought .of . a . foolproof. way .into . seducing. a . gi.rJ.!. .(by .hyd.rpppn.ica.Uy. jncjjnedjt

All right, you've slowly built things up over the last couple of dates, and you feel it's the right time to go for the kill. Well, here's a well-prepared strategy to get down and dirty.

Source: hffp://www.sosuave.nef/forum/showfhread.php?s=&fhreadid=16578

Oh my goodness! I've just had this insane revelation that is totally foolproof! (Almost!)

I'll give steps so it's easy... This assumes you are at the end of the date, and that you are being dropped off at her place, or you are showing your place. Also, it also assumes that you know your kino, and SS patterns or whatever smooth phrases to use...

1) You and your date are in either a Cab, and are at her or your place. If it's at her place, do a closing and hope that she asks you to come in with her. If it's at your place, you invite her over to show have coffee, or some more drinks. If she accepts, you're in.

If you and your date are in her car, you probably should be at your place (dropping each other off right with you being the first to go because she's got to make it to her place). You invite her to have some more drinks, etc.

If you and your date are in your car, this assumes that you've already agreed to have her over.

2) Now that you two are inside your house, ask her to take off her shoes or (maybe not if they're which look like they hurt... but take yours off, and give her a grand tour (important)... bring her to every room and make the living room last. Don't show anything off to her that are in other rooms, show the stuff in your living room when you are there!

3) OK, now you are in the living room, you should have lots of things to comment on. A TV, or stereo system, if not that bookshelf or fish are good. Have some plants too, big ones that you don't have to take care of much. Have a coffee table, or endtable or whatever, and have a recent newspaper, rolled to a section that might have some skin, perhaps the fashion section. Have some magazines too, latest and/or last moth's in combo's too, GQ is good, Popular Mechanics, Time, and Newsweek is good, Maxim, is iffy... have it open or really close by (she might pick it up and flip some pages...) to a sex tip section (this presumes that she may want to try it with you! Hope that she does!) Now that you have literature out of the way, have a picture or painting of like a decent landscape... eg sunset. And have lots of items of interesting things with links to them! ie, souvenirs from places like Egypt, Paris, Beijing, or wherever isn't normal for people to every year to go vacationing there. If it's a normal place like San Francisco, LA, Orlando, NYC, then make sure it's not some post card, make it something interesting I can't think of anything, but this is so key!! YOU MUST HA VE THINGS OF INTEREST THA T WILL MAKE HER WONDER AND ASK YOU QUESTIONS, AND THEY MUST BE RELATED TO SOMETHING IN YOUR ROOM!!The position of the remote for the TV may be important, if it's close by and easy to reach, then she might opt to flip on the TV, thus loosing her attention to you, but I don't know how well TV works... (Make sure that you have a remote for the stereo or controls ON THE WAY IN TO YOUR LIVING ROOM, this is so that you can smoothly turn on your music as if it was something that you do all the time you come in after work) Make sure that music is appropriate, I remember a post I think saying jazz is the best genre. I'll post later on what actual artists and songs are best for that.

4) Anyways, you're in her living room, with music on, if you have dimmers set them to a lower than usual brightness, and ask her if she would care to have a drink. This is where you will leave her for about 1 -3 minutes, do not ask her to take a seat, tell her "make yourself at home, and I'll be right back"

Things you should have available for drinking: Have some beer, and some vodka and rum, and Coke (some cokes should be diet, you know how girls are...) have coffee or tea too.

If it's beer, make sure they're bottles, and make sure it's really cold! Take your time getting the bottle opener, fumble around looking for it in the pile of the misc. utensils drawer. When you find it, bring the two bottles and bottle opener with you to the living room. This should take about 1 -3 minutes, with her being alone. If it's coffee and tea, set it up in the kitchen, again 1 -3 minutes or however long it takes, and while the water is reading up or the coffee brewing, get the dishes and cups ready. Sugar and milk / cream ready too! Make the coffee brew something very tasty and good, and easy for commenting! Not Maxwell's, that's for your normal mornings.

5) Go back to the living room, hopefully she'll have picked something up, or she may have wandered around looking at your important 'interesting items'. Ask her, "so did you find anything interesting?" hopefully this will lead into something that you can respond to well, and then pop in a SS pattern onto her. If its a small picture in a frame you can pick up (I don't know, of a dog?), pick it up and show it to her up close, she may try to touch it, and you got to touch her at this time! Same deal with smaller artefacts, I don't know, a small puppet or cut out mini sculpture, you can make it a hand crafted race car, and say that you made it yourself (ie assembled and stuff).

6) During this time, you must find a place to put down a SS pattern down. You place it down, and while in the conversation, go to something else of interest that you may think she would like (from what you've heard from her on the interesting thing that she mentioned before), and make sure that there is a physical piece of thing that is in your room of the same interest!!!!

7) OK, now that you've told her about something else of interest, tell her that you have so-and-so item in your room that she might like that's related that second interesting thing. Say to her something along these lines "I have a random thing that you might like. Come here, I'll show you!" while at the same time walking towards your room, but still keeping eye contact (maybe slowly walking backwards), take her hand too if you think it's right, like lunge for it.

8) Now, you've got her in your room! (HAHA, this is when we really get down to business!) Dimmers, close blinds if existent, go to your item, grab it, and sit down on the side of your bed (this assumes that you don't' have a HUGE, HUGE room). She'll come and sit down on it too, hopefully. Now this is where you have to lay down maybe another pattern down, or find a way to sneak in a question asking her if she'd like a massage, or shoulder rub. Find a way for this, this is real important too! You have to find a way to sneak it in, maybe she had a rough day, or week, ask her if she'd like you to relax her up with a massage. This is where you go down into the serious kino, and your major opportunities to hit the erogenous zones that will make her go horny. Look them up, and learn them (I don't know where they are, but I definitely know that they exist!)

Get her to lie down, or get more inside of the bed. Oh yeah, make sure your bed is made! Don't make it military style with everything tucked all tight and neat, just a made bed. Now massage her up.

Foot massage allows for good eye contact, and good kino. Shoulder rub allows for little eye contact, but allows you to maybe do a smell thing on her (I read a post on it! It's in the DJ Bible that Neophyte posted!) I think the shoulders are closer to erogenous zones. If she seems like she's enjoying it, land a kiss somewhere, on the erogenous zones, maybe the ear? Tell her that she smells nice, or whatever, she looks beautiful, or like one of the most beautiful people that you've ever met, this is where you lay a hardcore compliment that will flatter her and make her want to show you more of what she's got! Do some more kissing if she likes it, and you can slowly start to undress her, like reach around her body feeling her all over, and then if it's a slinky dress, slip that off her, or if it's shirt / blouse, start to unbutton that but not all the way, enough for her to pull it off herself, keep feeling around, then make your way to her skirt, or pants. If it's a skirt, slide your hand up her skirt, and rub her around.

And this is where I will leave it. I think we can all figure out how it can, and should end. So people, follow this, maybe not to the word, but pretty close. Adapt it to certain things of your personality. And hopefully this will help. Someone please try it, and see how it works! And report back! This looks like dynamite on paper!

ArMe. 3, .-. .S.ir_C.h.?.n.c.e.?.!oVs .Advanced . Sexual. .(b.y. .Sjr_chanc.e.?.l.p.t)

All I can say about this post is WOW! If you're looking to give your chick the ultimate sexual experience (and have her come back to you like a drug-addict... and you're the only dealer in town) then you've got to read this post.

LTR: Long term relationship ONS: One night stand

Continue reading here: The article below is very descriptive and explicit

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