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Okay, we all pretty much know that you never give flowers or chocolates to girls on first dates. But just in case you have any doubts, read this thread.

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Right 1 know this may sound a bit desperate or something but there is this girl 1 really like and 1 only met her once due to work, there is no way 1 can meet her again for work purposes, but she is really hot and 1 really like her and we had a good click when we talked. 1 also got to know she is single. 1 thought of sending her some flowers, carnations for admiration. My problem is what message should 1 write in it?

Bad idea. If you can't meet her again what is the purpose of sending flowers?


If 1 don't 1 have zero chances. If 1 do 1 have a chance and she is really beautiful.

You should write that she's very beautiful and that you love her. Also, ask her if it would be all right if you ask her for dinner. For sure she'll agree, so bring another set of flowers for the date. Make sure to tell her about yourself, so she can get to know you better - just talk a lot. And don't touch her - do you want her to think you desire her or something? After the successful date, ask her if you can maybe kiss her - or hug, you choose. And always make sure if what you are doing is ok with her!

You could read the DJ Bible on this site, while forgetting about her.


1 can't say 1 love her having only met her once right? They say to never say 1 love you early. Also If 1 brought her flowers for the dinner 1 would show her 1 am a big spender. As regards kissing 1 hate asking, 1 prefer the right moment.

Sorry man for contradicting your post 1 know you are trying to help but 1 felt to correct you so you don't make mistakes yourself. Tell me if you disagree.

Well, thank you for showing me the way!

It's good that you know something, but if you missed the sarcasm, you should start reading DJ Bible now!

Quick advice for you would be doing something opposite to my previous post, but such a quick advices won't work too well. Change needs time. Go read.


You mean that telling someone you met once you love him is good? If you think so you are on the wrong track most definitely.

And for the record 1 don't need to change, but improve, 1 get my fair amount of chicks.

You don't understand the meaning of word sarcasm, do you?

vortex23: (in response to "Well, thank you for showing me the way!") 1 thought you were being sarcastic for that part not your first post! Ok no problem.

Hmm. Sounds like a difficult situation. You met her through work so it's iffy whether it's appropriate to hit on her or not.

You might meet her again. Don't send the flowers. She'll appreciate the gift but it will freak her out unless she also had some significant interest in you. There isn't any evidence that she does have interest in you. Don't send the flowers.

Maybe you'll see her again. It's a small world.

ArUcJes 5, .6, 7. - .First date .ideas and concepts

Well, it's agreed that first dates should be either non-formal, such as going to a coffee shop, or "action" such as going ice-skating. Here's a discussion on different first date ideas for you to choose from.

Nicholas Hill, writes:

Here are three articles you are going to have to look up for yourself.

The responses are as important as the original opening. The main information in Article six is included just under this list, because it has very helpful information

Article 5: First date ideas, (by laxplayer)

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Article 6: The guide to the first date, (by grey fox) (Included below)

Source: hffp://www.sosuave.nef/forum/showfhread.php?s=&fhreadid=31426 Article 7: The length of the first date, (by SuSHI)

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("The guide to the first date", by grey fox)

Not to long ago, a young pip-squeak from high school came into the store where I work. I sell clothing at my summer job and he was in my section of the store, and had overheard my talking about the different types of women you meet at a club and why women go to clubs, so wanted my advice because "You sound like you know what your talking about."(I like to think I do.) Needless to say he wanted my advice on what kind of clothing to wear, he would have gone with something that looked like he had just come off a construction site, but I steered him towards something nice and cost effective. As I showed him my wares he asked all sorts of questions, he seemed to be an AFC but his heart was in the right place, so I obliged his questions. By the time we were finished I felt that I could put together a book on this one subject after fielding his questions, but then I thought "Better yet I'll make a guide for it so my fellow DJs and DJs in training can have something to get advice from instead of flooding the board every week asking the same question: What do I do on a first date?"

So I proudly present to you, my guide to the first date that will hopefully lead to a second date if she's worth it. The approach

First off, no first date will ever happen unless you ask. I usually find that after building up some rapport with a woman that using the following combination of words seems to get the point across and will lead to a date: "Hey, I just had a great thought, give me your phone number and we can hang out some time." If she says no, eh I don't care anymore what they say, life is to short and I've noticed that there is always another pretty to catch my attention. If she says yes, well then I guess I will have to call her then; because I only ask for numbers if I am really going to call. Woman ask for numbers to keep as trophies, but those women are not the best material, and your not one of those are you? Of course not so the next thing we should tackle is that first phone call to set up the date.

The call

Believe it or not, you can put yourself in a hole here that you can't climb out of, or you can seriously improve your chances by how you carry yourself. There are five keys to having a successful phone conversation for setting up the first date.

1) Wait four to five days before making the first call. It gives you time to figure some stuff out like where to go and what to do. Also you it sets you apart from those desperate AFCs who call the day after they get a number, nobody likes a boot-licker so why act like one by calling her and acting like an attention starved puppy?

2) Be confident. No girl likes to hear "Um gee <her name>, I was thinking, uh, since you gave me this number and all. That well we might, um, go out on, um...a date" (said in a meek tone that gives the girl the impression your already curling up in a fetal position to take the blow of rejection which you believe you'll get.) Look you already got her number right? Well son, you just won half the battle right there. The other half is dating and sex, and that's the fun part. So you have every right to be confident, knowing that your training as a DJ has paid off. What a girl likes to hear will sound something like this: (Your asking her if she wants to go out with you in a confident tone, one which conveys your power and pride as a DJ.)

3) Get to the point. No need to build up a rapport, she already knows why your calling. Save all that stuff you would say to build up to asking the question for the date. That way you have something to talk about on your date.

4) Know what you want to do. You call up not knowing what you want to do, and she'll not know why she bothered to give you her number in the first place. Be able to give her the time and place of where the date it is. If you sound like you know what you're doing, she'll respect that. Be sure its geared towards something fun, that way you'll have fun no matter what.

5) Keep it short. What's the point of talking to her after you've got your date all set up? Seriously you got what you want, why mess around on the phone longer than you have to? The longer you yap the faster her legs will snap shut on you. Keep the conversation no longer than 15 minutes and that's only if she is squawking her head off. If its a normal conversation it should take about 8 minutes factoring in the questions she'll ask about the date or the obligatory "Oh, we're going to have some much fun." Speeches she is legally obligated to throw out.

Keep these things in mind and you won't go wrong. But, before you can make the call, you have to know what you want to do. Activities for the date

A good date is like valuable real estate. It's all about location, location, location. No girl wants to sit around doing nothing, and unless she's a cool gal she may not be enthralled with the idea of just having a quiet dinner at hers or your place. Unlike the movies, doing that quiet dinner in thing is not as entertaining for a woman as you might think. Hence why "going out on a date" means "going out," you're changing the scenery because it keeps things interesting. Also she wants to see how you handle yourself in the real world, and you can't do that sitting in either one of your homes. So I will suggest some places to take your date.

1) The Coffee House: Most people drink coffee, the date can be quick and you can chat briefly. This is good for laying out the common ground between you, and will help you set up future dates that tailor to both your interests. You find out she likes the movies, you like the movies, here's a crazy idea go to the movies for your next date. Also the coffee house date can be quick so you can cut out if things take a dive.

2) Dinner: What woman doesn't like a delicious meal and stimulating conversation? By stimulating I mean you her all about her little life while you throw in some of your stories. (Don't give away to much.) If you're not a strong conversationalist you maybe out of your depth here.

3) Movies: You spend time together, and yet your engaged by another activity, when your done you can talk about how interesting the movie is going to be. And when its over you can talk about it further. The beauty behind the movie date is that it gives you a common subject to talk about on your way to and from the movie.

4) Mini golf, and bowling, pool hall: Action dates, excellent chance your kino as you rub up against her body as you instruct her how to play better. (And play the right way for that matter.)

5) Bars and Clubs: I'd steer away from this one as bars and clubs may be a bit to noisy to have a "meaningful" conversation in. But the alcohol and the atmosphere of the establishment will deflate some of your anxiety. Also dancing, needless to say, give you great opportunity for kino and shows her how good in bed you can be. (Women believe that you dance like you make love.)

Whether you choose an "action date" or the cliché "dinner and a movie" it doesn't matter to much, because she is on the date to see and know you. In the end you're going to have to show her that in any situation you're impressive. Whatever you choose to do, pick something you'll have fun at, if she doesn't enjoy herself then there might be something wrong with her attitude. (But honestly if you set your date up as going to a comic book convention expect to return to the fortress of solitude, alone again Poindexter.) Of course going out in public means you have to have clothes and looked well groomed, otherwise people will wonder what desert island you were stranded on.

Clothes and grooming

First you should always groom yourself before the clothes go on. You don't want to drip toothpaste, mousse, gel, shaving cream or shampoo on what you're going to wear. (If you dripping shampoo on your clothes you may want to take your clothes off, before you take a shower.) Whether or not you have a beard, goatee, moustache, soul patch whatever, looked clean shaving. If a guy can get past the hair between a girls legs to service her, I think a woman can deal with a little facial hair. Brush, floss, and apply deodorant and cologne. A note on cologne, cologne shouldn't be applied so that you leave a vapour trail wherever you go. It should be faint, and only really detectable when she gets real close to you, that way if she likes the smell she has to stay real close otherwise she can't enjoy the olfactory sensation you give her. (Translation: you smells good so she sticks close to smell that wonderful odour, just don't fart.)

IF THERE IS ONE THING YOU TAKE AWAY FROM THIS ARTICLE LET IT BE THIS: Clothes DON'T make the man. The man makes the clothes look GOOD. The clothing you wear is only a physical manifestation of how you feel about yourself. Wear something nice, crisp and sharp and you saying you're a confident guy with all his stuff together. Wear wrinkled, tasteless, and ragged clothing your saying that mom hasn't gotten around to doing your laundry yet. I prefer clothing that is soft to the touch like silk, microfibre, cotton and linen blends that have been softened. Why you ask? It gives woman a reason to touch you. And when they find that touching you and clothing feels good, the associate that touching you feels good. The more touch and for that matter the heavier the touching the more pleasurable it will be for them. Okay so your dressed, you made your plans and called and she wants to go, know you wander what you should do on your date? Well that's going to be answered very soon.

General dos and don'ts for the first date

1) Don't call an hour before your date, it seems clingy.

2) Flowers aren't needed at this point, I find that flowers are best kept for the second date, its a nice subtle way of saying "Hey good work you got my attention, and I'm interested in you." When you do buy flowers buy 5, 12 is to many and only buying one looks like you haven't bought flowers since prom night.

3) Hold the door for her, help her in and out the car, and pull out her chair. This gentlemen bit isn't done to often these days, it signals to her you're a cut above the rest. This doesn't mean act like a nice guy, just show her you can make her feel special by doing the small things.

4) Avoid being a slobbering idiot, she may have the body and face that can launch a thousands ships and burn Troy to the ground. But, if act like a dumb struck buffoon, she'll pull anchor on you and get away. Women want a man who can treat them like anyone else at first, once you get into a long-term relationship then you can show them how special they are.

5) Keep it light. They don't want to hear about your problems, and its bad enough when they talk about theirs so stay away from negative stuff.

6) Pay for it. You asked her out so you have to pay, cause being broke looks weak, and going Dutch treat makes you look cheap.

7) Let her do most of the talking, and when you talk, maintain the mystery of being you. Don't tell her your life's story, otherwise if she knows your whole deal, what's there to come back for?

8) In an intellectual conversation, don't be afraid to disagree. Having your own opinion shows off your individuality as well as engages her to make the conversation go deeper. (But this doesn't mean you should start a fight, or take a I'm right and your wrong approach, allow for a little debate.)

9) Don't worry about if she likes you. It's her job to worry whether or not she is worthy of you.

10) Holding hands can be weird. But walking arm and arm is surprisingly nice, you can say "its a lovely European custom" (which it is) and it give her a chance to feel the strength in your arms.

11) Kissing. No need to kiss on the first date, unless you make some serious headway. If she tries to kiss you, turn your head and let her kiss your cheek. (This is if you want to play a little game to up her interest level. This work great on hot babes who will be left wondering why you didn't let her kiss you when every other guy would be jumping at the chance. They start to question their feminine prowess, and the next time you kiss them for real they will feel its something special that your gracing them with.)

12) Just because it's a date doesn't mean you have to like her or try to create feelings for her, that's her job to convince you she's worth it. If she turns out to be a psycho-ho beast that would make Martha Stewart seem companionable, then NEXT!

13) Never set up a date on a date.

14) Remember you are the man. Tell yourself that, know what a great catch you are, and she will know it to, and she'll come back for more.

15) When in doubt trust your "inner voice" or instinct, not the one driven by the possibility of getting some or the one driven by fear. I'm talking about the voice that truly knows if the girl is worth it and if things are legit. That voice should be your heart, you can hear it if you pay attention.

16) I don't think it's been said enough around here so here it goes again: Always protect your heart.

Well there's my guide. It's taken from the stuff I found useful that worked here, plus the stuff I learned over the years. Like any advice you can you all, some or none of this stuff. But what you do use, I promise you has been tested, and tried by fire if you will. REMEMBER, A FIRST DATE WILL ONLY HAPPEN IF YOU GET THAT NUMBER! So what's holding you back?

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