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So you're wondering when is the best time to go for a kiss. Well, here some DJs share their experience with the rest of us. (A replacement thread posted by a highschooler to take the place of a nonexistent thread originally included by MotU, but I thought it was good. Most of you are older than this person, but the responses should mean something to all of you. Too many of you guys think you're older than this, but we all secretly know that being young and playful is the key to a woman's heart - Nick)

JCKey618 asks:

I made a thread earlier about this girl being undecided and it was short because I had to go, so this is kind of an extension of that.

I pretty much know she likes me because she all but said it. We are at this kind of summer camp thing. I'm 16, she's 15 and we will be down here for 5 weeks. We talk on the phone at night for about 1 -2 hours. At around 1 a.m., she starts saying stuff like "I got to go, but I don't want to" and then we talk for an additional 30 minutes or so and it's obvious neither of us want to get off the phone. She told me I had a nice smile and she likes my laugh, so I told she had pretty eyes.

The thing is, during the day, she seems so anti-social towards me. I can hardly hold a conversation with her when others are around, but she seems fine when we are by ourselves, which doesn't happen much.

I walk her back to her dorm after study hall, and today I want to try a kiss. How should I do it to make it special?

Well from my view there are two ways of doing this:

1) Either ease the kiss on by maybe giving her quick hugs and kisses on the forehead or such during the day, so that when the actual kiss comes it may not shock her as much, if your worried about that, but I'd only use this if your really worried.

2) Otherwise it's simple, when you get to her dorm hug her, then while still hugging kiss her. Easy as anything, she'll love it especially after what you've said about her. This girl is really into you, don't let it go to waste

Raven125 responds:

Ask her if she likes surprises... if she says yes... kiss her. If no then kiss her and say that you forgot she didn't like surprises.

JCKey618 asks:

I don't really know how to kiss. Any advice?

At the end, give her a hug, then pull back, but still hold her and look into her eyes. Smile and then lean in for the kiss. Make sure your breath is fresh (mints and gum work wonders) and make sure your lips are a little moist. When you hug her, lick your lips a little. Then lean in, tilt your head a little, and make contact with her lips. Then do what feels natural from there.

JoE BoXeR responds:

Just make sure you're alone and she's in a good mood, then follow crazykid's straightforward advice and it will happen. Your first kiss was over. Ta da! Breathe a sigh of relief; next time won't be half as hard.

Just on another note, I don't mean to rag on you but DO NOT spend so much time talking with her on the phone. If there's one thing I've learned since joining this site, it's that spending too much time talking on the phone, instant messaging her or telling her all your secrets and emotions will only have negative effects. I repeat, it will only make you look desperate and like you have no life.

I'm not innocent either, I did it once and talked with a girl for three hours straight on the phone. After that I found myself with nothing to talk about when around her accept for small talk which got old really fast. You may be sure that that relationship fell apart fairly fast.

I'm saying this especially since you claim you have very little to talk about with her in public. Keep your calls no longer than 20 minutes and be sure you're the one to end it. Keep her wanting more. Cut off her supply! A girl will value a conversation in person a lot more than one held over the phone. They want to assure themselves that you're as witty, romantic and spontaneous as on the phone when you're in public and are at your most vulnerable so to speak.

Wow was this post about a first kiss? I got a little off topic but I thought it was important information, you better read this JCKey618! Good luck.

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