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Once again, written by Masterofthe Universe. Its great to leave the original description as it is.

Much like the previous chapter, this was taken from the messaging board. You can view the original copy and all responses here:

Without a doubt, the knowledge contained within this board, and particularly within the DJ Bible is simply incredible. I know that personally, I have been able to acquire the necessary information to become a DJ... but as many here would to tend to agree, knowledge is only half the battle.

In fact, the more difficult (and more important) aspects to becoming a DJ is to actually go out into the real world and put into action all that we learned from the DJ Bible.

However, this is the step where many people falter. I know I did at one time or another... and from looking at numerous posts on this site, I know that I am not alone.

To help myself out, I decided to create an eight week crash-course based on the DJ Bible and a couple of other resources that would force me to put into action what I had learned.

The results: after going through my program for four weeks, I was able to acquire approximately 50 phone numbers, go out on many dates, and am now dating two girls on a regular basis, and whom are head over feet about me.

Unfortunately, I became too sated with my results, and became lazy after the four-week point.

At this point, I posted a thread on this site offering to share my eight-week program, and there were many interested members. As such, here is the course outline for the DJ Boot Camp... Eight Weeks That Will Change Your Life (what can I say, I'm a marketing guy... sometimes I can't help my headlines!)

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