Con versations Without Words

Most of us are slightly afraid as well as somewhat excited in settings where social interaction is expected and required. So, most people do not sit or stand in an open posture. But, during courtship, the more open the other person's posture is, the more open that person is to you and your advances. OPEN AND CLOSED

If you're wide open while sitting, your posture is similar to Abe Lincoln's in the Lincoln Memorial. Your feet are flat on the floor. Your hands are relaxed, not clenching anything. And, you're not holding a drink in front of yourself as a symbolic barrier.

While standing, you're open when your hands are not in your pockets. You are not leaning against anything. Your feet are flat on the floor. And, your drink is not in front of you.

OPEN AND CLOSED When the person's posture is open, he's open to you, your ideas, and possibly your advances. In the left photo, notice that although he's smiling, he is gripping his knee tightly indicating he's controlling himself. Also notice the beer can is held high in front as a barrier. In the right picture, both feet are firmly planted on the ground indicating he is sincere. Notice that his arms are down and that his hands are open and relaxed, signs of openness and sincerity. His head is slightly tilted and he's leaning a bit forward. Both indicate interest.

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