Leans Forward

This simple gesture says all of this: You have my attention. I want to hear what you have to say. I want to see you more clearly. I want to be closer to you. Very powerful and very reliable. SHE TOUCHES YOU ANY REASON

Touching is possession or to verify what one sees. When she touches you, even "accidentally" she's interested. Men, keep your hands to yourself until she touches you.

Attention Men! No matter where, when or how a woman touches you, it is a strong signal of interest. Women often "accidentally" touch a man they are interested in as they make their way to the bar or rest room.

Caution! Women who are Rapo players touch men early and often. Men who touch women before the women touch them are probably manipulators and liars, as mentioned. HANDS NEVER TOUCH FACE

As mentioned, when someone touches himself above the neck, it usually means he's lying or he doesn't believe what you are saying. FEET FIRMLY ON FLOOR

Feet that are solidly grounded mean the person is taking a stand, is not reluctant or hesitant. However, feet that are not solidly grounded usually mean trouble ahead. COMING FROM THE SAME PLACE

People who are in different emotional states don't enjoy talking with each other. For example, if you are bold and confident and I'm nervous, I won't be able to relax and be pleasant, thus you won't enjoy talking with me. The End. So, you must appear to be in about the same place as the person you are attempting to court.

Men, if her posture is open, that's good. Match her posture and remain open as you talk.

If her posture is closed, match her posture, then as you are conversing, gradually open up, one small step at a time. If she doesn't follow your first few shifts toward openness, stop. She's not ready or is not interested.

When there are good vibrations between the two of you, adapt you posture to match hers and wait a few more minutes before trying to slowly open up again.

While you are slowly moving from a closed position to an open position, she has time to realize that you are not dangerous and could be interesting. Only after she has discovered (1) that you are safe and (2) interesting, can she find you attractive.

MOVE FROM CLOSED TO OPEN The series of photos on the next page show you what to do if the other person is not in an open posture. Although this example shows a man going first and becoming vulnerable, women can do the same thing.

First adjust your stance so that your posture approximates hers. As you talk, gradually and carefully shift your posture to a more open position, one step at a time. Subconsciously, the other person often follows your lead and "opens up to you" because you made yourself vulnerable first. In the top photo, the man has adopted the same posture as the woman. In the middle photo, he has moved from completely closed to semi-open by uncrossing his arms and putting his hands in his pockets. In the bottom photo, he has become completely vulnerable by putting his hands behind himself. She has mirrored his posture.

When women adopt this position, it causes their breasts to protrude slightly, which commands the man's attention. Also, when women stand in this position, they appear to be slightly submissive, thus safe.

FROM CLOSED TO OPEN AND BEYOND In the sequence of photos on the next page, you can see many signs of interest.

Overall, as the two are talking, the woman moves from a closed posture to an open posture.

Study the photos carefully and you can notice that the man mirrors her actions.

The encounter begins with her arms crossed and with her ankles locked under the chair. As the conversation continues, she unlocks her ankles and puts her feet flat on the floor, sits up and leans toward the man. Next she uncrosses her arms. Notice that her hands are open and relaxed as she leans even closer.

In the last photo, she is touching herself gently in a sensuous way.

At the end of the first conversation, many subtle and indirect signals have been exchanged. However, during Further Conversations Without Words, the next chapter, more nonverbal signals are exchanged. Some of them will still be subtle. Many will be somewhat obvious. But a few will be blatant!

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