Mirror Mirror

This topic applies to a man approaching and interacting with a woman just as it obviously applies the other way 'round. In body language jargon, it's called mirroring.

If you're in the same emotional place as the other person, your posture is the mirror image theirs. It also can mean that you are interested in each other.

MIRRORING These people are sitting in almost exactly the same position, so they are about in the same place emotionally. But, notice she's holding onto her shin and does not have her foot completely flat on the floor. The man must take his time until she's more open and relaxed.

When you notice the other person is standing or sitting in about the same manner as you are, he, or she, is hi about the same emotional place. During courtship, subconsciously, all of us tend to adopt the same posture as the person we are interested in.

When talking with someone we are attracted to, we usually mirror them. More fascinating, we often mirror somebody we are interested even if that person is across the room and we are stuck talking with a bore! One more time. You cannot not communicate.

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