Touches Herself

If done in a gentle, sensuous manner it means the same as caressing an object—the person wants to touch you or wants you to touch them. However, this can also be an attempt at reassuring one's self. It depends on everything that came before. The same caution as above applies.

FLASHES OF PALM She shows you the palm of her hand during conversation in brief flashes. She is making herself submissive and vulnerable. One interpretation is, "My hands are up. I surrender. "Another way of seeing it, I have no weapon. I won't hurt you."


Women only. She shows you the palm of her hand during conversation while checking her ear ring or adjusting her hair or gesturing with her hands. This signal is hard to see because it is so brief and it does not appear to be flirting.

Reliable if you can notice it. Focus your awareness on looking for palm flashes ahead of time and you'll be able to see it or the opposite gesture, described in the photo below.

BACK OF HAND Women only. The exact opposite of a palm flash. One interpretation is "See my wedding ring? I'm not interested. "Another is "This is not a fist, yet. Beat it!" Often disguised, as in the photo.


Women only. When sitting with a skirt on, she's flashing a bit of thigh to entice you. When sitting with pants on, she is subconsciously doing the same thing. However, when standing, she is probably just be trying to get comfortable or it may indicate she's excited and ready to go.

DANGLES SHOE ON TOE Women only. When sitting with her legs crossed, she wiggles her heel out of the shoe, then lets the shoe dangle on her toes. Opening up and loosening up to you. It's a subconscious first step in disrobing.

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