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This is a really silly joke, but I hope it will convince you to take yourself off house arrest. A guy was in a terrible accident, and he lost his eye. Fortunately, he was a really talented wood carver, so he undertook the task of making himself a new eye from wood. Although his new eye looked real, he was understandably self-conscious, so he put himself on house arrest. Eventually, he realized that this was not making him very happy, so he worked out a plan where every day he would take a few more steps outside. The first day, he took one step, the second day, two, and so on until after several months, he was at the end of the street, where he saw a huge banner proclaiming "Come one! Come all! Free admission! Dance Tonite!"

Now he was still understandably self-conscious about his eye, but he decided, no guts, no glory, and went. He stood in the doorway and was just about to lose his nerve, when he saw a woman across the room, sitting by herself. She was quite attractive except that she had the biggest ears he had ever seen (I mean she made Dumbo's ears look small). He decided then and there to ask her to dance, deciding that she wasn't perfect so he felt a bit safer.

With his heart in his throat, he threaded his way among the dancers and said, "Care to dance?" She smiled delightedly and said, "Would I!" Stunned, he hollered back, "Big ears, big ears, big ears."

Well, I thought it was funny. I feel sure they will get the whole thing worked out and enjoy the dance and go on and live happily ever after. This joke is also a cautionary tale: You might be a bit self-conscious and overly sensitive at first, but you should persevere.

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