Take a deep breath, guys. I'm not going to suggest that you ask for directions. But, what I will say to both men and women is this: Know where you're going and the best way to get there before you pick up your date. In addition, know how to navigate the location once you arrive: Know where to park the car, where the front door is, and (if you really want to impress your date) where the restrooms are.

I know you would never not know where you're going, but heaven forbid you get lost and have to look at a map. Until you know each other really well, beware these seven words: "A map is in the glove compartment." This seemingly innocent statement sends shivers of fear through otherwise normal people. Orient the map may mean "find China" to one of you and "get out the compass and find true north" to the other. One person reading a map while the other is driving in foreign territory is asking for trouble: One of you helplessly watches highway exits whiz by while the other frantically searches for the name of the city you're in. If (heaven forbid) you must consult a map, do you and your date a favor and pull over, pull the map out, and leave the radio on something soothing. Never, even when you do know one another really well, utter these nine words: "Let's find a gas station and ask for directions."

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