Having a Way Cool Time

In This Chapter

^ Remembering to enjoy yourself ^ Having fun wherever you go ^ Surviving dating's most embarrassing moments ^ Ending the date ^ Considering the kiss question ^ Chilling out after the date

^A"esumably you've planned your date carefully and are fully prepared. (If * not, flip to Chapters 11 through 13 for a refresher course.) At this point, I'm confident you not only know where you're going, how to get there, and about how much it'll cost, but you're dressed appropriately, and you've fully factored your date into the equation. You've selected a destination you both will like and haven't decided that now would be a good time to start smoking, wearing fur, or pinning a campaign button to your lapel.



Now you're all set to have a good time. This chapter tells you how to make the most of your date, how to deal with the unexpected catastrophes that may creep up, and how to end the evening gracefully.

Not-so-great expectations

There are 365 days a year — at least 52 Saturday nights, at least 52 Friday nights, and an abundance of after-school afternoons and after-work evenings. One date that doesn't send you soaring is precisely that — one date. Expecting more is asking for trouble.

Keeping your expectations in check is perhaps the best way to have a reasonably good time on almost any date. There's always something interesting about anybody. Even if you know immediately that your date is not "the one," what have you got to lose if you relax and enjoy whatever it is he or she does have to offer? You never know . . . the person may be the perfect match for a friend.

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