Icons Used in This Book



I include some symbols to make it easier to whiz through the book at the speed of light or to peruse it at your leisure.

You find this icon beside neat things you may want to try.

This icon indicates information that is detrimental to you, your date, or your dating experience.

^jjGV^ This icon appears beside information that explains the biological reasons for why things happen. Although you don't technically need to know this stuff, reading it can give you a lot of insight into why humans do what they do. In the nature versus nurture debate, consider this icon the nature side.




SlUFf jSiSAKjy jSiSAKjy

Whenever the information relates primarily to women, I indicate it with this icon. This doesn't mean, however, that only women should read this material. In fact, you guys can get quite a bit of insight into female behavior by paying attention to this stuff.

If the information relates primarily to men, I use this icon. (Girls, if you want to understand men a little better, take a peek at this stuff.)

Some things just aren't good ideas: They're dangerous, hurtful, harmful, and to be avoided. I use this icon to flag any behavior or situation you need to steer clear of.

Of course, you could consider this whole book one giant Dr. Joy Says icon; after all, I wrote everything in here. But periodically, I make points that I think you need to pay special attention to, for your own well-being and best interest. Consider this icon roughly equivalent to your momma saying, "I'm talking to you," when she wanted you to pay extra attention.

This icon marks general information that is important enough for you to keep in mind.

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