Intuition Versus paranoia

The trick is to distinguish between true intuition and the paranoia our society so easily fuels with all the in-your-face crime images on TV and in the papers. How do you do it? The best way is to start with trust. Trust your own instincts first. Tap into how you really feel, in your gut. If those gut feelings turn out to be wrong again and again, you'll know your intuition needs a little adjustment.



If you don't believe me, try this

If you view intuition as so much gobbledygook, I encourage you to try this experiment the next time you're at a party. Stare at someone's back and see how long it takes them to turn around.

It's even more potent if a number of you do the focused staring. I think the longest it ever took anybody to turn around was about 10 seconds, and the average is right around four.

When I lived in Boston, I often took the shortcut through the Commons (a large, manicured park in which the earlier citizens of Boston were — and still are — allowed to graze two head of sheep or cattle) on my way home. If I ever felt the least bit spooked, I went around rather than through. I never questioned my feelings or berated myself for being a baby. I also noticed that when I carried my umbrella over my shoulder like a rifle, I was less likely to be spooked. Body language says a lot.

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