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When I have a moment to prepare folks who are and participate. If they sit back, just moving far doing TV with me for the first time, I always tell enough forward to be heard takes energy, and them to sit forward in their chairs. Doing so puts then their moment in the spotlight may be gone. them right in the middle of things, ready to go

As I'm sure you've figured out, the woman who wears the flashy, low cut dress and the man who brags about his conquests may be insecure and trying to convince other folks of his or her appeal rather than trusting the self. Anything you use to build confidence needs to go deeper and work for you, not against you. You don't want to send an easily misread or misinterpreted signal. Doing something harmful to your basic sense of self doesn't make any sense. On the other hand, positive activities build real self-assurance. When you whistle, for example, you hear yourself sounding happy, control your breathing, and entertain others. Pretending to be interested may teach you something; after all, you are listening. Pretending to be interesting makes you more informed; how else would you be more fascinating? Get it?

Again, be sure that you're not buying confidence through chemistry — alcohol or other drugs — because it's short-lived, unproductive, and dangerous. If you don't believe me, try being stone cold sober around a bunch of drunks.

So how do you learn to trust yourself? You can begin either on the inside or the outside.

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