Making a good first impression

First impressions count. What do you see when you take a good look? I don't mean Mom's eyes and Dad's hairline. I mean, if you just walked into a room, what would you see if you were looking at yourself? What do you say about yourself?

1 Look at your clothes. Do you dress age-appropriately, like your grandparents, or like a 12-year-old? Does your wardrobe scream rich or sexy or uptight or casual or poor or insecure, or I hope nobody will notice me?

i Look at your shoes. Are they shiny or worn, fashionable or comfortable? Do they match? Are the laces tied or broken or mismatched?

1 Look at your hair. Is it neat and becoming, stylish or simple? Are your roots showing? Does your part start below your ear, or are you wearing an obvious rug?

1 Look at your face. Is your makeup subtle or heavy? What's your best feature? What about facial hair: Are you shaved?

1 Look at your hands. Are your nails clean, polish unchipped?

1 What's your look? Is it preppy or sexy? Conservative or out there? Business-like or fun?

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