Picking Up the Check

The moment has arrived. You dab the corners of your mouth with a napkin as the waiter strategically positions the check halfway between you and your date. Now what? I provide the answer in Chapter 10, but it's worth revisiting here: You asked, you pay.

voS SAKr voS SAKr

I know I'm going to catch a little heat, but my rule for the first date, at least, is the asker (male or female) forks over the dough. After that, you can negotiate other arrangements. Or you can let the check sit there and stew.

What paying means:

1 You're investing in this relationship . . . no matter how briefly. 1 You're not cheap . . . on any level.

1 You've got class and style and a little jingle in your pocket. Everyone loves all three.

What paying doesn't mean:

1 You've just bought sex, too. 1 You've bought yourself another date. 1 Your date now owes you.

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