Share Baby Pictures and Stories

Your mom trots out your baby pictures for a reason: You were really cute and cuddly and sweet and innocent, and there's something elemental and basic and charming and nostalgic about seeing who you were then. I know you're feeling a little silly about this, but if you're willing to show your love a little about who you were then, your love will know a bit more about who you've become. Just don't make this sharing time a chapter meeting for the dysfunctional and abused victims of the world. No harsh episodes or horror stories.

You don't actually have to wait to visit your family to trot out old pix of the former you (as if visiting parents wasn't traumatic enough).

If you can't conjure up any pleasant memories from your childhood, you probably need to think therapy, not dating. It's really true that it's hard to love anyone else until you can love yourself. And if you can't love your baby self, get some help so that you can.

Do make sure that neither you nor the family have a hidden agenda here by conjuring up the recently dumped miscellaneous love — no manipulation — just mushy sharing and no reminiscing about first loves, wild vacations of youthful indiscretions. What seems like intimacy when it comes to sexual history can come back to haunt you.

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