The First Fifteen Minutes of a Second Date

Unlike the extensive pre-planning that goes into a first date, less is needed for a second date. But there's a lot more at stake, so a bit of forethought will help you and your date relax. You want to solve any potential problems involving the first 15 minutes of your second date before you get underway. The immediate decisions to be made are these:

1 Question: Do you kiss your date on the cheek when you first meet? On the lips?

Answer: Cheek, okay. Lips, no way.

1 Question: Do you take your date's hand? Put your arm around his or her shoulder?

Answer: No hand, no arm, no proprietary touching just yet. Handshakes are okay if you opt for no kiss.

1 Question: Do you talk about your last date together? Or stick to the present moment?

Answer: Continuing a previous conversation or asking about the status of something you already talked about is great. It's a real intimacy-builder and lets your date know you were listening.

1 Question: Do you go to someplace different from the first date?

Answer: Yes. Especially if date number one was a date-ette. The location reflects a lot about you and how you feel about your companion. You don't have to spend a bundle, but if your goal is getting to know what makes your date tick emotionally and spiritually, a loud concert may not be the best way to go.

1 Question: Does money matter?

Answer: Money always matters to some degree. But don't let a lack of the green stuff freak you out or keep you from asking someone out. A walk in the park can be a better second date than dinner at the Ritz. What's most important is picking a place that lets you feel free to be you and lets your date feel free to get to know you. Just don't look cheap — make sure you have enough to cover any expected expenses, plus $20 tucked in a secret compartment.

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