The Last Fifteen Minutes of a Second Date

Two words: No sex. Two more words: Too soon.

Even though you feel like you've known each other all your lives, it's really only been two nights, or an afternoon and an evening, or ten minutes and lunch. You get the picture. You don't know each other — don't get to know each other under the sheets.

Physical intimacy blurs the emotional intimacy of a relationship. It's hard to see things clearly when hormones are involved. A second date isn't even a relationship yet, so sex confuses the whole deal. Making out is okay. Making out passionately is cool. Just don't go any further than that until you know each other better. Ask yourself if you'd be embarrassed the next day if the previous night of lovemaking turned out to be a disaster. If the answer is "well, yeah," then the answer to sex has to be "well, no."

Never have sex with anyone whose middle name you don't know.

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