Whats Not Required Reading

I've written this book so that you can 1) find information easily and 2) easily understand what you find. And although I'd like to believe that you want to pore over every last word between the two yellow and black covers, I actually make it easy for you to identify "skippable" material. This information is the stuff that, although interesting and related to the topic at hand, isn't essential for you to know. (That means no pop-quiz, but I did go to a lot of trouble to write it, so I hope you read every word. If you don't, okay — sniff, sniff — whatever makes you happy.)

1 Text in sidebars: The sidebars are the shaded boxes that appear here and there. They share cool ideas, personal stories, and observations, but aren't critical.

1 The stuff on the copyright page: No kidding. You'll find nothing here of interest unless you're inexplicably enamored by legal language and Library of Congress numbers. Even I have been known to by-pass this stuff after being sure my name is spelled correctly.

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