Do The Rules and Youll Live Happily Ever After

W ha can you exp«:t to get when you do The Rules? The answer is total adoration from the man of your dreams. Otherwise why else would we do them?

Let's face it, many of the things we ask you to do or not do in this book are downright difficult. Not calling him, not being intimate too soon, not bringing up marriage or children, and ending the date first require a great deal of self-restraint; patience and determination. Sometimes we thought we would simply die at the thought of holding off having sex. And the agony of not calling him! There were many days when we just had to hear his

So what kept us going? What made us continue doing The Rules? The incredible unbelievable payoffs, twenty of which are listed below. So when you find yourself resisting doing a certain Rule (maybe you don't want to end the phone call after five or ten minutes because you're afraid he'll think you're rude and never call again), read this list and summon the courage. Remember, men want you more when you do The Rules and lose interest quicker when you don't!

1. The biggest payoff first: he wants to marry you! Most women bring up marriage or the future after a couple of weeks or months of dating a man. They want to know where the relationship is going. Most likely, it's going nowhere because men don't want to be pushed into proposing. As a Rules girl, you've been trained not to bring up marriage or kids. You talk about books, business, politics, football, and the weather. When you do The Rules, he ends up proposing.

2. When you are seated at a booth in a restaurant, he slides over and sits next to you. Sitting opposite you is just too far away when he's truly in love.

3. He sends you roses after you have sex.

4. He writes love notes or poetry for you and tapes them on the refrigerator door.

5. He finds your idiosyncrasies harmless rather than annoying. You never have to worry that he'll leave you if you don't change a bad habit. He doesn't like it—but he doesn't leave you because of it.

6. He calls to see how your doctor's visit went.

7. He gives you little presents, jewelry, and flowers on every possible occasion.

8. He gets angry when you don't pay attention to him.

companionship. He doesn't ignore you. He's always walking into whatever room you're in. You are never a "football widow." He wants to take you to the football game (even if you don't like the sport or understand it) in order to spend more time with you. He wants to do everything with you!

9. He is always ready to make up after a fight.

10. He gets involved in every aspect of your life. You don't bore him.

11. If you call him at work, he'll always want to talk to you even if he is busy. He calls you from work a lot anyway.

12. He doesn't like to work late because he wants to see

13. When you have a cold or become ill, he still wants to be with you.

14. He always wants the phone number of where you are so he can get in touch with you.

15. He watches out for you.

16. He doesn't like it when you go to bachelorette parties.

17. He listens when you talk to him.

18. When you walk around the house with very little on, he whistles, as though you were a babe on the beach.

19. Your picture is on his desk in the office and in his wallet. He always wants to look at you.

20. When he loves you, he loves your kids.

Hopefully, some or all of the above promises will motivate you to do The Rules. Still another incentive for doing The Rules is what you won't get:

1. No messy divorce. Instead, you have one of those made-in-heaven marriages. He'll take care of you when you're old. He really, really loves you. A Rules marriage is forever.

2. No outside counseling. He has no interest in couples therapy. When you do The Rules, he doesn't have big issues with you. He doesn't wish you were this, that; or different. His love for you is unconditional. Sure he might wish you balanced your checkbook, lost ten pounds, or cleaned the house more often, but he is not seriously annoyed or upset about it. He finds it all amusing. Ultimately, he finds most things about you adorable. He doesn't feel the need to consult a professional to talk about his feelings. He's busy planning your next vacation or chasing you around the house for a quick kiss.

3. No anxiety. You're not walking on eggshells. You're not always wondering if you hurt his feelings or said the wrong thing. You know that he will always forgive you, not hurt you, that he is ready to make up with

4. No physical abuse. When you do The Rules, he treats you like a fragile delicate flower. He cups your face rubs your back when you've had a hard day, and strokes your hair as if it were silk. You don't have to worry about being battered.

5. No cheating. When you do The Rules, he thinks you're more beautiful than other women (even if you're not). He doesn't want to have sex with anyone but you; he can't get enough of you and even wants to build up his biceps for you. You can leave him in a room Rill of gorgeous women and not worry. When he loves you, he loves you!

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