Do The Rules Even when Your Friends and Parents Think Its Nuts

.Remember your reaction when you first heard about The Rules or read this book? No doubt you thought the idea was crazy, dishonest; or extreme. "Why can't love be more natural? Why can't I ask a man out? After all, we're approaching the 21st century." But because your way didn't work, you became open-minded rather quickly. Something deep down inside you said The Rules just might be the answer.

Well, don't be surprised if the people around you don't support your new philosophy. Don't be surprised if they think you're nuts or question every move you make or don't make. When a man you're dating calls and leaves a message with your mother, don't be surprised if she hovers over you like a bee nagging you to call him back right away. Rather than say, "I can't call him back. I'm doing The Rules" just say, "Okay, mom, later, after I wash my hair." Keep postponing any i?»/e-breaking activity.

Your mother may hassle you, but it's your girlfriends that will probably give you the hardest time, possibly because they're not doing The Rules themselves. Don't be surprised if they take your devotion to The Rules as antifeminist. They may say things 1 ikze, "You know, marriage isn't the answer. No man is going to fix you. There has to be a 'me' before a 'we.' You don't need The Rules. You need some good analysis to find out why you want to get married so much!" Don't say, "If I don't get married I'm going to kill myself or "In Noah's ark, they went in twos." Just smile and change the subject.

Your friends might tell you that The Rules are dishonest; that you should let a man know exactly who you are, that it's rude not to call him or call him back. Unless they want to do The Rules themselves, don't argue with them or explain what you are doing. Just do The Rules quietly and let the results speak for themselves. The fact is that your friends and others might not have that burning desire to get married and have babies. They may be perfectly content in their careers and hobbies. You, on the other hand, can't imagine life without a husband. Neither could we. That's why we did The Rules—to ensure that the right man didn't get away.

We suggest you find like-minded women who believe in The Rules, want to get married, and support each other much like any support group. Call them when you want to call him. Don't bother asking your male friends if they like being pursued by women. They might say one thing and believe another. They will probably tell you that they're flattered to be called and asked out by women. What they won't say is that these are not the women they end up marrying or even dating.

Don't take a poll of men, or of married people for that matter. Your married friends or relatives might tell you, "I didn't do The Rules and I got married." They will poke holes into every rule one telling you that she asked him out for the second date and the other that she paid for the third dinner date. Don't argue with these people. Don't tell them you're doing The Rules because nothing else has worked. Just smile and say, "Oh, it's just for fun" and change the subject. Don't stop doing The Rules because married women tell you they didn't. How do you know what their marriage is like? How do you know that, because she pursued him, he isn't always neglecting her or spending too much time at the office? You want a Rules marriage not just any marriage.

If you can't find any like-minded women to support you in doing The Rules, just read this book a lot; carry it around in your purse to refer to on long supermarket lines, and practice what you read as much as possible.

Believe us, if you do The Rules, you'll be so busy dating your future husband to care or even think about what anyone else is doing or what anyone else thinks of what you are doing.

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