Even if Youre Engaged or Married You Still Need The Rules

Ideally, we do The Rules from the minute we meet a man until he says he loves us and proposes. But if you were not lucky enough to learn about The Rules before reading this book, we suggest you do the best you can right now. Better to do The Rules now

However, if you did not know about The Rules until now, don't think you can totally erase the way you related to your fiance or husband from the beginning of your courtship. For example, if you initiated the relationship, called him up, asked him out, and so on, in order to make the relationship work, he'll always expect such things from you. He didn't worry about getting you to marry him, he knew he had you, you told him so with every word and gesture, so on some level he may take you for granted. And chances are you still make things happen by initiating sex and/or romantic dinners, asking him about his feelings for you, wishing he would spend less time in the office or with his friends and more time with you. You might even wonder from time to time if he's having an affair.

If you didn't do The Rules at the beginning of your relationship, your husband might ignore you, talk to you rudely, or treat you badly. You might wonder, "Is his behavior the result of bad upbringing or something in his past?" Maybe. But we believe it's because you didn't do The Rules. He never needed to treat you like his dream girl. The same man who would act indifferent or ignore a wife who pursued him wouldn't dream of it with the woman who did The Rules.

Abuse doesn't happen in a Rules relationship because when you play hard to get and he works like hell to get you, he thinks you're the most beautiful, wonderful woman in the world, even if you're not. He treats you like a precious jewel.

But don't despair. Start doing The Rules now as best you can and he may notice a difference in your behavior and want you more. Here are five suggestions:

1. Don't call him at work so often. When you do, keep it brief and practical ("What time is the movie?"). Don't call saying, "I miss you. Let's make love tonight." He should be calling you

2. Don't initiate sex, even if you want it badly. Let him be the man, the aggressor in the bedroom. Biologically, the man must pursue the woman. If you bring up sex all the time, you will emasculate him. Act as if you're a Rules girl on a first date. Be coy. Flirt when he tries to kiss you or bite your neck. This will turn him into a tiger.

3. Dress better, a little sexier. No man likes coming bathrobe all the time. Try wearing tight jeans, a miniskirt, or a deep V-necked shirt in a bright color. Put on some makeup and perfume. Wash your hair. Pretend you're dating him.

4. Act independent. Always be coming or going. Don't sit on the couch waiting for him to come home. Don't bore him with details about your day or your aches and pains. Make lots of plans

with friends, your kids, the neighbors. Go to the movies, to the shopping mall. Just go. This

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touchdown or a home run.

5. Take up a hobby. Most men are content to sit around in a recliner on a Sunday afternoon and drink beer and watch football. Some bring work home from the office and spend the entire afternoon on the computer. Women tend to feel empty when their boyfriends or husbands don't include them in their plans or pay attention to them. It's imperative that you don't nag him to give up his hobbies, friends, or work because you're bored. You'll get more attention from him if you get even busier than he is. Make play dates for the kids, go out for a run or take an aerobics class at a gym. That will not only keep you busy but also will get you in shape, making you all the more attractive to him. He may wonder if other men are looking at you in your Lycra. That will be good for the relationship. It will make him want to turn off the TV or computer and be alone with you. You might get involved in a charity, read a book, take up a sport. The key here is to keep yourself independent and busy. This way you're not hanging around him complaining that he's not paying enough attention to you!

Unfortunately, doing The Rules sometimes means acting single (even if you're married with children) over again. Just be grateful you're not!

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