Last But Not Least 12 Extra Hints

1. When he asks you out; silently count to five before saying yes. It will make him nervous and that's good!

2. Don't call him even when you feel mean about not calling him. If he loves you, he'll call anyway. When he asks you to call him, call him once. Do the absolute

3. When he asks you out for ice cream, a drink, or to a football game when you wish you were going out for a fancy dinner, say "Sure!" Remember, you're hard to get but easy to be with! You'll go to an expensive

4. When walking down the street, drop his hand first; ever so slightly.

5. The Rules are written in stone but h ow you do th em will depend on your temperament. If you're an overly nice gushy girl, do The Rules like boot camp. The stricter, the better, that is, never call him, or return his phone calls very infrequently.

But if you're already cool or aloof by nature be extra sweet when you do The Rules. Call him once for every five times he calls you. Be affectionate As long as you're not asking him out or moving in or bringing up marriage you can show him you like him a little more on each date.

6. If he's being a bad boy, taking you for granted, or you want to shake things up to make him propose faster, book a trip for a week. If things are going well but you still want to make him miss you, plan a weekend away with a girlfriend. Tell him a week before you go, in a very innocent, sweet voice that you're going to Florida with your girlfriend to get a tan and relax. "Nothing serious, hon, just some R & R."

7. If you are unsure about him, double date with a Rules-minded friend. She will tell you whether he's planning to marry you or not.

8. Even men who are in love with you and want to marry you will occasionally say things to irk you or make you nervous, such as, "I'll take you there if we're still seeing each other next year . . . you know how relationships go." Don't get paranoid, just ignore him.

Most girls would make a big fuss about it and get mad. Rules girls stay calm when men tease them.

9. Don't let him know you're afraid to be alone to be without a man. Women who let men know how much they need to be with someone invite bad behavior. Then he knows you'll put up with anything not to be alone.

10. Don't get angry if he's taking longer than you'd like to propose. Most women want to be proposed to yesterday. Whatever you do, don't blow up at him and press the issue. You've waited this long, hang in there. If you're doing The Rules, it will happen!

11. Don't get sloppy about your looks. Continue to exercise. Men don't leave women who put on twenty pounds after the wedding or the first baby, but if you want your fiance or husband to keep drooling over you, keep fit.

12. Read the newspaper and books so you can talk to your life partner about things other than your work issues or dirty diapers. Men want wives who can fulfill them mentally as well as physically and emotionally.

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