Let Him Take the Lead

Dating is like slow dancing. The man must take the lead or you fall over your feet. He should be the first one to say "I love you," "I miss you," "I've told my parents so much about you. They can't wait to meet you."

He should be an open book, you should be a mystery. Don't tell him he's the first person you've felt this way about in a long time or that you never thought you'd fall in love again.

Remember, let him take the lead. He declares love first; just as he picks most of the movies, the restaurants, and the concerts the two of you go to. He might sometimes ask you for your preference in which case you can tell him.

Mothers can get quite anxious about your dating life

You should meet his parents before he meets yours unless, of course he picks you up at your parents' house. Let your mother or father open the door, but don't let them hang around too much. Tell your mother not to smile at him as if he were her son-in-law and don't let her mention your sister's upcoming wedding. Remember, mothers can get quite anxious about your dating life. So be ready to go—don't be in the bathroom applying more mascara—'when he arrives so that your parents don't spend too much time with him alone, asking him questions likze, "How's business?" or "So what are your intentions?"

The same rule applies to your friends. He should introduce you to his friends before you introduce him to yours. You should double with his married or dating friends before you double with yours.

Reciprocate when you feel quite secure about the way the relationship is going and don't tell your friends too much about him because thqr might inadvertently blab when they do meet him. If you can't trust them to be quiet and discreet, then say nothing. The last thing you need is a well-meaning, but not too smart friend, saying something likze, "Oh, it's nice to meet you. Sheila has told me so much about you."

Don't worry. After he proposes, he will eventually meet all your friends and family. Until then, just follow his lead!

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