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One of the greatest payoffs of doing The Rules is that you grow to love only those who love you. If you have been following the suggestions in this book, you have learned to take care of yourself. You're eating well and working out. You're busy with interests and hobbies and dating, and you're not calling or chasing men. You have high self-esteem because you are not sleeping around or having affairs with married men. You love with your head, not just your heart. You are honest; you have boundaries, values, and ethics. You are special, a creature unlike any other. Any man would be lucky to have you!

Because you love yourself, you are no longer interested in men who ignore you, cheat on you, hurt you either physically or emotionally, and, of course any man who can live without you. The kind of men who once nauseated you because they were open books, called too much, wrote mushy cards, and told their friends and parents about you long before you said anything to your friends and parents, you now find attractive and desirable. Of course we don't mean to suggest that you love someone simply because he loves you. No, you love whom you love. But when a man you are interested in is crazy about you, you are happy about it. You are not bored or turned off. You don't think, "Gee this is too easy." Love should be easy!

As a result of doing The Rules, you have a new attitude. You love being loved. You think that anyone who thinks you're great is great; not a jerk. You have no desire to chase someone who hasn't noticed you, sought you out, or dialed your number and asked you out. Love is finally simple and sweet, not heart-wrenching and hard.

You might be saying to yourself, "But of course!" Yet, you'd be surprised how many of us only went after men who didn't want us. We thought it was our mission in life to reform men, make men who preferred blondes (if we are brunette) interested in us. We thought we had to work at making men love us. If love came easily, we were bored. Now we like love to be easy. We go to a dance or a party and we don't have to work at all. We just show up, do The Rules, and whoever likes us, likes us and who doesn't; doesn't. We accept whatever happens. We're laid back and confident. We don't struggle.

You're living painfree. No more lonely Saturday nights, no more waiting for the phone to ring, no more fantasizing about the man who got away or wanted your best friend, no more jealous tantrums, no more checking his desk drawers or coat pockets for incriminating evidence. To be adored and secure at last! That's the incredible payoff you get when you do The Rules, and you're going to love it!

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