Always Advance Your Assault

One of my hobbies as a kid was reading about World War II. For some reason, this time period just captured my imagination. I'd build models of half-tracks and Patton tanks to play with. It was innocent boy-fun, since no kid really understood the true horrors of war until later on.

I'd also read about the generals, and their strategies and tactics on the battlefield. It was always interesting to see how courageously they had to advance on the enemy, and the emphasis was always on advancing the line of skirmish into the enemy's territory. Relentlessly, the leaders always pressed forward.

I think you can imagine where I'm taking this. No matter how timid, nervous, or shaken you feel about the interaction you're having with a woman, you should always have a goal of pressing forward in the advance on her. You cannot hold back your troops in hopes that you'll be able to overpower her later.

The time you must seize is NOW.

You see, there are two valid approaches you can take when you are moving in on a woman you are interested in. The first one is of constructive restraint. This is where you refuse to advance so as to draw her in further, out of curiosity. This strategy will only work if you already have her interested in you and can continue to pull her in by making her wonder more than she's willing to resist.

It's a valid strategy, one that must be delicately balanced with control. If she isn't already intrigued and attracted to you, holding back and being too mysterious will not work. It will be like a rumor of enemy forces gathering in the jungle - nothing substantial enough to rally the troops around.

The other approach is to advance your assault, relentlessly. You must take every opportunity to move in on her, furthering toward your goal. Forward - Forward -Forward. You can pause between assaults (in fact, it's very necessary) but you keep going FORWARD. Never backwards.

If you get to the point where you see some authentic attraction and response to your approach, you move in for some body contact or light touching. From there you let her get used to this, and then you move on to kissing, and so on... and so on ...

You have to let go of the fear of rejection and failure so that you can keep yourself moving forward enough to succeed. Most failure in the world is not caused by genuine obstacles but by being afraid of the success and self-sabotaging yourself out of fear.

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Do you remember the game of red-light/green-light as a kid? This was where you had one person (the traffic light) standing far away from a group of kids. When the traffic light turned around and looked away, he would say "green light" meaning that you could move forward. When the traffic light was ready, he would say "red light" and turn around quickly to see if he could see anyone moving forward. If he did, that person had to go back to the start again and renew their advance. The object was to get all the way to the place where the traffic light kid stood and tag them. Then you got to be the light.

Think of the woman you're moving in on as being this traffic light. As long as you can move in undetected - when she's not 'looking' - you are free to continue. But if she yells "Red light!" and catches you in the process of advancing, you have to go back and start again.

The objective in this game is to never let her consciously stop your advance by recognizing that you are moving forward with the goal of seduction. Your moves have to constantly be forward or you'll never reach her. But you also have to balance this with a level of control that keeps her from seeing what you're up to.

The higher you can jack up her excitement and attraction for you, as well as some trust, the faster you'll be able to move in on her. She'll keep her "green light" on for you much longer.

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