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Don't date her. If you don't stop this now you're going to wind up as one of those sorry case examples that I end up using to correct another situation. Instead, be the good example that corrects his situation and gets back in the game. Reclaim your balls from her and get to it.

Next, re-read the section of the e-book where I talk about "Trust" and the Therapist Trap.

Do NOT go with her on this trip. You said you think you'll have a great time? Does this sound like a "great" time to you:

- She continues to use you

- Your balls progressively inflate and turn blue

- And you don't get any other kind of connection with a woman that can give you what you want because you're too busy playing Tom Hanks to her weepy dysfunctional Meg Ryan.

Every minute you spend with Ms. Cuddles is another minute you aren't getting what you want. She's turned into your pet project. You're thinking you can turn her around, or still get something out of this, after all, you've sunk so much effort in this far...

Ask yourself: How much longer are you going to accept losing?

Remember the ultimate loser affirmation: "Yeah, I know, but..."

BUT what?

Get out! Do you have any idea how many reasonably SANE and attractive women there are out there who WILL have sex with you and give you the complete package?

If you did, you wouldn't be in this situation.

'Nuff said, homey.

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