Considering the fact that I have not at all been unsuccessful with women , I got really excited when I somehow ended up on your website and listened to the intro.

But my lack of success comes from the fact that I am a very short man about 4'2" and this puts a lot of women off. Actually some women have admitted to me that if I was a little bit taller they would consider going out with me. Do you think your book will somehow help me out on here? I understand now that women usually prefer men taller than them. But then I cant go on without finding a woman that somehow will like me ... Is there anything I can do to make a woman not to consider my lack of height and Find me attractive? Do you cover such agendas in your book?

Awaiting your urgent response.

Let me say this:

1) Will my book help you? Yes. Definitely. The principles help a man regardless of his height. These are principles that every man must be very aware of for long-term (even short-term) success. You have to have a strong inner game right along with your outer game.

2) Do I address how to overcome this particular situation? No, not specifically. You see, there are a set of beliefs that you will wind up working with, no matter what. Your physical situation (which I do not consider a disadvantage, just a challenge depending on your dating goals) is one that has its roots in many common beliefs among men. There are specific strategies to be employed. You never need to be short in spirit or mind, S. (Consider this: Stephen Hawking has been married and remarried, and the man has been totally incapacitated for decades. There are women for EVERYONE.)

3) Remember that you cannot make a woman ignore the obvious. The key to managing your situation is showing her the self-confident man that she will be attracted to. You see, there is the conscious part of her mind that can try to fight with her subconscious mind, the same way many men and women struggle with a relationship

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they know isn't going anywhere, but they feel that crazy attraction that actually rules their actions. That subconscious attraction mechanism is the part that every man has to engage in a woman or she will never truly be yours. One thing you can do is to make your height a source of humor. Don't put yourself down, but make it clear to her in your posture and lighthearted way that your height is not a source of insecurity for YOU. Once she knows YOU it's not a problem for you, she'll be much more interested. Remember: Women pick up on insecurity faster than Jennifer Lopez changes wedding plans.

May I recommend the following:

1) Keep reading the newsletters and perhaps try my e-zine on Self-confidence. Your question has even brought it to my attention that I need to write an e-zine on overcoming personal challenges. (Which is something ALL men have to do, in varying degrees, by the way.)

2) Get my e-book. I guarantee it will help you in skills as well as understanding, and you can be the judge of the information therein. In addition, I give two free email counseling sessions where we can delve into your situation much more deeply.

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