Dating Attraction Tips from the Author of The Dating Black Book

Guys, these tips don't matter to you until you get your head on straight. Keep your head about you when you're out there in the dating and seduction world.

Remember that all of these tips work when you're a man who can relax in his own confidence.

I've been teaching this stuff to people for years. I help men every day through my newsletter, ebooks, and audio programs at and I now offer a complete male self-confidence program at where you will learn the Secrets of the Alpha Man and how you can take control of your life - and your sex life.

The most important tip will probably go unmentioned and unnoticed, but it is simply this:

Get out there and DO SOMETHING.

Be willing to jump in and make mistakes. The man who can put aside his fragile ego and just get as much experience as he possibly can is going to WIN at this game. Hands down, game over, zip up your pants.

All you have to do is be willing to TAKE ACTION.

A great martial artist was once asked, "Master, what is the secret of great kung-fu?" To which he replied, "Don't make mistakes." And the apprentice asked, "How do you learn how to not make mistakes?" To which the master replied, "Make mistakes. Make LOTS of mistakes."

In the immortal words of the un-nameable shoe company: JUST DO IT.

Everything else is just talk.

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