Go to httpwwwelenasmodelscom and punch in parameters of your Dream Woman

You can select age, height, weight, education, knowledge of foreign languages, presence of kids and marital status - even the color of the eyes and hair and hair length!

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There is also a box to punch in your own data, such as age and race, so you see only the profiles of the girls that seek a guy like you.

There is a facility to search by the date of publication, too - but for the purposes of our investigation, let's leave it unchanged ("Not important").

Hit the button "Find my match!"

Now, you see how many women that meet your requirements would like to meet a guy like you?!

Check their profiles - actually read what they are saying, not only look at their photos.

Check what age difference they list in their preferences for a partner. This will give you an indication what is realistic in your search and what is not.

NOTE: Sometimes you will see that the age of the prospective partner is specified as from 0 to 100 - that means the woman did not specify any requirements in regard to the age, NOT that she will marry a guy who is 100 years old!

"0 to 100" is the default setting that the computer system needs in order to fulfill searches.

It means that for some reason the woman did not answer this question. Some women send us their data via email and they already have a prewritten questionnaire where this question is not included. This is why it happens that you may see sometimes "0 to 100" in women's profiles online.

You can play around with the search and remove some parameters or add new restrictions.

I suggest you try to remove the age requirement from your search (leave your own age!) and see what are the results. You might have never realized what women are available for you!

Remember Tip#1 - "Decide what you want"? Now this is the time to use this information. See if you can find somebody who fits the profile of your "Dream Woman". If you found several potential candidatures, then it's worth giving it a try.

Summing it up: Check your options before you move any further. See the difference between the kind of women available for you at home and the kind of women that you can meet in Eastern Europe. If it does not seem worthy, you can save yourself time and stop reading now! ®

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