In online dating there are two major venues writing to other people or waiting for them to write to you

On general dating sites, the person who writes usually picks up the bill - one cannot send letters to other members without paying for premium membership.

Often both people have to pay for premium membership in order to communicate.

On Russian dating sites, women don't pay. Whether you want to place your own profile or write to women, it will be you who has to fork up.

The reason for that is simple: differences in income level.

In Russia the average salary is about $100 and in your country it is about $2,5003,000. When Russian women start earning enough, the agencies may start charging them too!

So what works the best, answering women's ads or placing your own?

It depends on who you are and what type of woman you are looking for.

Generally women prefer men to write to them first; just as in regular dating the first contact is the responsibility of a man.

To approach a female, a male should overcome his fear of rejection and thus demonstrate his braveness. In all species, it is a male who starts the courtship process, and the female either accepts or rejects the suitor. So for women it feels more natural when men write them first.

But if you seek a woman who is modern and sophisticated, then placing your own ad will be the sure way to pre-screen your applicants.

Summing it up: There is no "the best way" that work for every one. Some people have more success answering women's ads, others - placing their own.

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Some agencies offer packages where they allow you both place your own ad and answer women's ads; this is probably the way to go: check on both options and see what works best for YOU.

Online Dating The Easy Way

Online Dating The Easy Way

Online dating is not all fun and games and there are a lot of things that a person has to know about online dating before one gets into the intricacies of it. Online dating may seem to be the simplest thing in the world but it is not. It should be viewed in all earnestness or things could go haywire. Every game has its rules and unless you know all the rules you just cant become a good player and eventually a winner.

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