NOPE their letters ended up in Trash

You don't want your letters to end up the same, do you? © So take the task of preparing your own information seriously.

You need to write at least 1-2 pages about yourself, you life, what you like and dislike, the place you live, your work, your education, have you been married previously and, if not, why (tip: because you were first busy with your studies/career, and when you have established yourself, you could not find the right woman - most were already married).

Prepare your information from the point of view what a Russian woman wants to find in a man (see Tip #4 for the most important qualities that Russian women seek in men). All Russian women want a man who is intelligent, kind, financially secure, marriage minded, faithful and don't drink too much (yes, it's no stories - Russian men's drinking habits are Russian women's nightmare). Those are the most important points to emphasize.

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