Rule 1 here It is not about YOU it is about THEM

Even when you talk about yourself, you must do it from their angle, "What is in it for me?"

Tell them what you liked about their profile so much that you decided to write to them. Some things may be uncertain in their profiles - ask questions and guess the answers.

For example, she ticked "Tell you later" in her profile about kids - if she did not have any kids, she would say so. Ask if she has kids and tell her you think she does and that you just love kiddies.

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A person who actually THINKS and what's more - thinks ABOUT HER, something special, and your letter is sure to get noticed.

Tell her why you think you will be the right guy for HER. If you do requirements 100%, tell her why it won't be a problem.

You pride yourself as having a great sense of humor?

Back up your claim - make her laugh! From the first line, your letter should grab her attention and she should not be able to stop reading until the end.

Now a bit of sour grapes ("Reality Check").

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