She is looking for a suitable partner and romance that will clear clouds from the sky she wants the guy who will sweep her off her feet NOT an immigration escape

Do not say anything bad or insulting about her country - it is her native land and she is proud of it.

Do not write in length about your divorce or its reasons, and do not complain about western women and what you dislike about them - or women will think you are only writing to them because you cannot get anybody at home.

Do not lie about your age or anything else - once the truth comes out, she will be disturbed by the fact you lied to her and will not be able to trust you again.

If in doubt, look what is in the profiles of women that interested you and write something similar.

This basic information you can use both for sending letters to women or placing your own profile.

Page 189

Summing _ it up: "By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail" (it's not me, it's Franklin Put effort in preparation and it will pay back tenfold. Don't think Russian women will jump on you just because you are a foreigner; you will still need to win her heart.

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