Surely being handsome wont hurt but if you are not dont worry just follow my instructions and you will score more than a hunky dude

There are some cultural specifics about photos:

• Russians believe that for formal introductions (such your introduction letter or your personal ad) you must look formal. It means that suit and tie will work the best. Yes, such clothes may look ridiculous in western personals but for dating Russian women, that's exactly THE THING. It is proven that photos in suit and tie receive 300% better response, and from a better quality women, than non-professional photos in shorts and T-shirts.

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• No open legs (shorts etc) or naked torsos! In western personals, ads of guys with 6-packs may produce great results but Russian women will feel insulted. You can include a photo in a tight T-shirt and jeans, for example, but not without a top (or bottom).

• Tattoos and earrings: absolute NO-NO. In Russia, only ex-prisoners and ex-marines have tattoos. Earrings would mean you are a gay. Cover up your body art and remove piercing. If you go to Russia one day (and I hope you will), be prepared to explain in length that in the west it is normal for people to have tattoos and body piercing and many celebrities have them. Still, try to postpone this discussion for later - don't shock her on the first day of your arrival.

If you are very good looking and young, then non-professional photos will do: you can ask a friend to make a few dozens photos with a digital camera (if you do not own one, you can rent it from a photo shop), and then select several shots that you like the most.

But if you are not young and handsome. get professional photos done. With good quality photos you will be able to find a good quality woman. With poor quality photos... well, you may still find a quality woman, but it will be ten times harder. Do you want to date harder - or you want to date smarter?

You will need some formal photos in suit and tie and some informal photos without the tie and jacket. If possible, get photos in suit and tie made in studio and photos without the tie outside or in a different setting.

You must like these photos very much - if you don't like you own photos, why do you think somebody else will like them?

You need to decide which photo(s) you will be using for "introduction" (your personal ad or first letter to women) and which photos you will send women when they respond to your ad. As you remember, introduction photos should be in suit and tie. 1-2 photos are enough for "introduction".

If she responds positively and you start correspondence, send 1-2 photos with the first 3-4 letters (unless she specifically requested to send her many photos) - this way the woman, if she corresponds with a few men (and most girls do), won't have problems with identifying who you are.

Certainly, when sending photos during correspondence, you will not be sending variations of the same studio photos all the time - these should be different; something that tells about your lifestyle and interests: for example, if you play tennis, get a photos of yourself playing tennis; if you work out in gym, get a photo of yourself lifting weights etc, etc.

Women will seldom ask you for more photos but they are very curios to see more of you - don't you send her your photos made ten years ago? Why you only sent her one photo - do you have something to hide?

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You will laugh, but I know about a woman who was wondering about the man she was supposed to meet in a few days: he never sent her a photo full-length, what if he does not have legs? ©

Yeah, pretty crazy, I know - but you will get this feeling, "This is too good to be true", many times when dating Russian women; they have the same feeling too!

Explain about the photos you are sending, where and when they were taken (do not explain about studio photos - I hope this goes without saying).

With third or forth letter you can send a photo of you with your family or/and friends, women enjoy such photos - but not until they get to know you, so do not send a family photo with your first or second letter.

It is also advisable to send her the photo of your home, where you live, and the neighbouring area. After all, this is the place where she will live one day, if things between you and her work out. The best is to send photos of your home in summer.

If you live in an apartment, send her pictures of the kitchen (and you in the kitchen); kitchen is always the place of interest for Russian women, for they all believe a woman should be able to cook, and live up to this belief. If the living room in your home is big and nice, you can also send her a picture of your living room (and you in the living room).

Do not send the women pictures of your back yard (unless they show the house from an interesting angle).

Do not send too many pictures of your house from all possible angles; 2-3 photos are enough.

If you have a swimming pool at home, send a picture of you on the side of the swimming pool; they all LOVE swimming pools - they don't have those things in Russia, it's too cold.

The best is not just send pictures of your house but the picture of you in front of it: this way you are not sending her the photo of your house but YOUR photo - "This is me in front of my home" (no feeling that you try to "buy" her affection but at the same time satisfying her curiosity).

If you are rich and would prefer not to let women know about it, send a pic of you inside your home, where it is impossible to see how big it is.

If you are not rich and are afraid if the woman will be content with where you live, definitely send the photos of your home. It is better to find it out now, than when she comes to you on the fiancee visa and is shocked. Send the photo of your house after you have exchanged 4-5 letters and you feel the woman is really interested in you, and you in her.

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The size of your photos sent via email should not exceed 20-30 Kb, or Russian women will have problems with downloading them using their low-speed Internet connection.

At the same time, the actual size of the photos should not be too small, preferably just a little smaller than the computer screen. Use lower resolution (40-50% quality) and save the photos in JPEG format.

You can change the size, resolution and format of the photos in any graphic editor. The best photo editor is PhotoShop, and if you have somebody who knows it, ask them for help.

If not, you can use "Paint" graphic editor that is a part of standard Windows programs (you will find it through "Start" menu on the bottom of your computer screen, following Programs - Accessories - Paint).

Summing it up: Photos that you send during correspondence build your image in women's eyes. To confirm that you ARE the man she is looking for, she looks at your photos. You will need both professional and non-professional photos: start with formal photos in suit and tie and move to informal photos that are demonstrative of your lifestyle.

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