The general rule here is when a woman likes you she will reciprocate your body language and have an open posture and if she does not like you she will try to cover or protect herself crossed legs and arms

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If she likes you, she will move closer to you when you move closer (or at least will not move back): and if she does not like you, she will move back if you move closer (sometimes not straight away but in a few minutes).

If she likes you, she will smile back to you when you smile at her. If she does not like you, she will look away.

If she likes you, she will happily accept your ideas; if she does not like you, everything you do will be wrong.

If she likes you, she will be happy and relaxed, even annoying problems won't get to her; if she does not like you, she will be irritated with minor things.

Crossed legs and arms and keeping distance away are the worst signals; if it persists, run!

Watch also for good signs: if she plays with her hair, or touches her body, or licks her lips - those are the signs that she likes you as a romantic partner.

The most positive signal of course is if the girl wants to have sex with you!

If you get her to bed and she wants more, then she is indeed in love with you - but I guess you will be able to figure it our by then!

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Summing it up: To find our about woman's true feelings, watch her body language. If her words and boy language contradict, trust the body language: it is impossible to fake and it does not lie.

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