Tip 1 Get the complete attitude not just a bunch of separate strategies

If there's one message I can get across to you, it's that you need to avoid using only clever "tricks" for picking up women. These tips you're about to read all work, but they require a certain attitude to back them up, or a woman will see straight through you.

The word you need to learn is "congruence." This means that your actions match your inner beliefs.

I'm sure you've met someone that didn't seem to actually be on the inside what they were presenting on the outside. Keep in mind that women have a very heightened sense of radar for this sort of thing, and they can see things about your behavior that you had no idea you were communicating.

So while you're reading these strategies and tips, remember that there is an underlying attitude to be developed as well. Don't just emulate a bunch of tricks and tips and hope to come off with this congruence. It doesn't work that way. You need to effectively present the complete attitude so that you can understand from the bottom up what a woman looks for in a man.

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