Tip 10 Be a cool guy

With this tip, you're probably thinking "Huh? What the heck does THAT mean?" And it's true; the concept of being "cool" can be a hard one to understand.

When I say, "be a cool guy," I'm not saying you have to get a tattoo, wear nothing but leather, and start your own rock band or anything. I'm saying you have to learn to be the type of guy other people enjoy being around.

I think most people out there are pretty cool people once you get to know them.

They all have their own little quirks that make them unique and fun to know.

The "cool" factor I'm talking about comes into play during the time period where they meet you to the point where they actually "know" you.

Let me explain.

Say you meet a girl.

And maybe you're nervous; you keep looking away from her, around the room, not really looking her in they eye. You don't really talk to her or try to engage her because you're so wrapped up in your own thoughts, trying not to blow your chances.

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And when you do attempt to talk to her, you ask her dumb questions she hears all the time (what's your name, what do you do, what's your favorite color, etc) or talk about stuff she's not particularly interested in.

Eventually, she politely says good-bye, and your left feeling like a loser for messing things up.

That's not being a cool guy. Now, let's say you meet a girl.

And maybe you're nervous, but you hold eye contact with her and smile a lot. You lean back and chill out with her and talk about all sorts of things you're both interested in, like music, relationships, sports, or whatever.

Maybe you share a funny story or two, and she shares some as well. She's enjoying being around you, and you know it, so the next step seems natural.

That's being a cool guy.

See, being cool has nothing to do with how you dress, how you act, or anything like that. It just has to do with how other people respond to you.

If people respond favorably to you, you're a cool guy. If they don't, if they feel nervous, awkward, or bored, you're not being very cool.

This is why nerds in high school have such a tough time.

They don't know how to relate to other kids because most of the kids care about stuff other than school and studying whereas the "nerds" only relate to others based on their schoolwork or studies.

Because most kids prefer to do anything BUT schoolwork, the nerds are cast as "uncool."

So when it comes time to meet new people, remember to relate based upon what you and they may find interesting.

Don't be anxious or seeking approval, just be laid back and take things as they come along.

You may notice you start meeting a whole lot more people this way.

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