Tip 10 To prevent ever having an excuse to NOT talk to a woman always have at least 5 minutes of memorized interesting material to say to a woman

This material can be anything from a funny/intriguing/exciting story that really happened to you or your friend, or this material can be ready made conversation material for predictable situations such as waiting in line at the bank, buying groceries, or hanging out at a club.

For example, if I am in a long line at the bank, I might tell a woman, "I should have brought a small book with me...like War and Peace", and then because of the long line and the fact that I know I will have a lot of time to chat, I might have prepared teases for girls with purses that have animal print on them- i.e. that she is responsible for the extinction of species, etc.

If browsing by a magazine rack, I might tease a girl for reading the women's magazines and how all those articles on relationships cause all the problems and the war between the sexes, and that she is contributing to the problem by reading and supporting those magazines.

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I might take the magazine out of her hand and look at the article and say "see, exactly what I mean.." and then swat her butt with it.

Having material ready to say makes you much more relaxed and resourceful and in fact enables you to come up with NEW things to say on the spot.

At the same time, realize that your DELIVERY of the material is even MORE important than the material itself. Use the CONTENT as a MEDIUM to express your tonality and your expressions and body language.

For example, if I am telling a story that has a bit of sexy naughtiness innuendo, I might make my voice s-l-o-w down and draw out the words in a way that is both funny and yet seductive.

I might raise ONE eyebrow slowly as I say it with a smirk on my face and then go on back to my previous expression and tonality as I continue.

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Body Language Basics

Body Language Basics

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