Tip 11 Be Aware Of Logistics

In real estate, they have a saying: Location, Location, Location! It's all about location!

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The same is true for dating.

Where you are will help determine your success with women.

Being a quiet, sensitive type in a club or bar may not get you anywhere, whereas being that type of guy in a bookstore may get you a better result. Be aware of your surroundings and adapt to them.

But more important than where you are, think of where you want to be. For instance, say you're out cruising for a one-night stand.

If you go to a club 45 minutes away from your place, chances of getting that one night-stand are fairly small unless the girl wants to go back to her place (if she's close-by. If she lives far away as well, you're screwed, and not in the good way).

Also, if you live in a place that's hard for people to get to, or isn't central to where people gather (like in the middle of a city, for example), you're going to have to focus on getting phone numbers and setting up meetings.

There was a time where I went out to clubs looking for the same-night hook-up, and getting frustrated when there was no way to close the deal because I lived so far away from most of the good nightspots.

But when I shifted my focus to getting numbers and laying the groundwork to see the girl again outside the club, I started to see more women because I could pick places to meet that were close to where I lived.

Be aware of the logistics of getting a woman where you want her. Plan ahead a bit. It's okay to do so, just don't let on to the fact that it's planned. Remember the old Boy Scout's motto: Always be prepared.

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