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I present my favorite techniques for building self-confidence in my Advanced Audio Coaching Sessions and e-books, including my "Quantum Leap" method. I'm going to give you a few techniques here to build your sense of personal power.

Here's a little trick I use to boost my self-confidence before going into any seduction situation:

Sit in your car and put in some music that gives you a lift. I use the theme to the movie "The Rock," as well as the "Gladiator" soundtrack. Sometimes a little music from Crystal Method is a great boost.

While you're listening to this music, imagine yourself in the role of your biggest hero - whoever that may be, real or imagined. Imagine the sights you'll see, the sounds you'll hear, and the sensations you'll feel as that person. Make your immersion into this image as complete as you can.

Maybe it's you in the coliseum, bringing down every warrior they put in front of you, standing triumphant as the crowd chants your name: "Gladiator! Gladiator!" Feel this sensation rushing through your body. Imagine the adrenaline rush and the excitement.

Imagine yourself in the leading role of the next big action movie. That's your picture up there on the billboard for the next superhero film, or the next martial arts spectacular. See yourself in that role, kicking ass like the best of them.

After a few minutes of this visualization, you'll find that women aren't quite as intimidating as the thought of unleashing hell on thousands of barbarians, or escaping from a high-security military complex.

Take your time to really use this visualization skill and it will work wonders on your confidence.

If you feel your seduction faltering during a date with a woman, excuse yourself to the bathroom where you can center yourself and pull your game together. Every sport has a time-out for the players to refresh themselves, and seduction is no different. Break when you need to recharge and plan your next step.

The bottom line is that there are many methods and exercises, but it takes an ongoing commitment to let go of any thoughts that bring you down, and build up the ones that make you feel better. You are rebuilding neural pathways in your brain, and they take time.

It all starts with your core beliefs. And remember that women can smell what your level of confidence is a mile away, through the smallest actions. You can't bluff your way into bed with women.

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