Tip 11 How a fat short ugly poor man with acne gets a date

I'm sure that even by this point in this book, several of my co-authors have already made the following point (I wouldn't be surprised if ALL of them did) but that should only reaffirm to you what an inescapable truth this really is...

As with so many other things in life... it's all about the numbers.

A salesman may get rejected 99 out of 100 times but he knows that, with every rejection he receives, he's that much closer to getting a sale.

So, after getting one door slammed in his face he makes his way, merrily, to the next door... knowing that his customer js out there, it's just a matter of sifting through all the people who aren't ready to buy.

We are all salesmen trying to sell ourselves.

Some of us don't have to do much selling but others of us have to try harder. It doesn't mean it's impossible, it just means we have more work to do and, to keep the analogy going... more doors to knock on.

How I, the desperate nerd, would use this tip...

So, I'd plan on approaching, oh, I don't know... 500 women.

The good part is that even someone as large and ugly as I won't have to approach any where near that amount of women to get a date but, with the expectation of approaching 500 women, I'll be overwhelmed with joy when woman # 63 accepts my offer rather than angry that the first 62 rejected me.

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