Tip 11 How to suggest Cyber

I don't care how you look at it, there will always be opponents of cyber sex who view it as cheating if you are "involved" with another person.

Some feel it is corny and others just love it. In my opinion it can be fun if done correctly and can really help you get to know the persons "other" side.

I have engaged in hundreds of steamy discussions many of them leading to sex and I feel that it is a very viable tool in online meeting and dating.

The problem I find with Cyber sex is that some people just do not know how to approach asking for it.

The best way I have found is to ask if they would like an online "massage". Most people have NEVER experienced an online massage and I cannot tell you how many times this has done wonders for getting dates.

I suggest starting things slowly, simply describe the setting and how you would go about starting the massage. Let them interject things if they want.

Once you get them participating, things generally get VERY hot.

I have turned many a schoolteacher or nurse into a raving sex lunatic for a few hours and it never ceases to blow my mind at what comes out of their mouth in the heat of passion.

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